Thanks to Expedia you can now find the best hotel for your trip.

Accommodation is one of the most important aspects of your travel experience. A comfortable spot for relaxing helps keep you refreshed and rejuvenated for your adventures in a new place. A traveler friendly hotel typically offers a unique environment and a warm ambiance for their guests. With so many offerings on the market today, it can feel overwhelming when searching for lodging for your next big trip. It can be difficult to find a balance between the best deal and a high-class experience. Fortunately, Expedia is here to help with this decision.

This Thursday, Expedia introduced a fresh online resource for travelers searching for the hottest hotels on the market.

Termed Collections, this site features hotels based on vacation experience, instead of star rating or price. Now you can guarantee a perfect relaxing atmosphere for your next vacation. Collections features unique spots from around the world. The six categories include relaxation, family fun, beach, culture and history, shopping, and snow. There are offerings for everyone here, no matter what kind of traveler you are. With this personalized service, you can browse hotels based on the particular travel experience you desire.

Enjoy the saunas of Tallinn with the relaxation options. Family fun offers the best accommodation for families visiting big cities like Paris or Los Angeles. The beach category boasts travel destinations such as sunny Costa del Sol or the exotic town of Malta. Culture and history will help you walk the historic streets of Edinburgh or ride a gondola in Venice. Collections also sets you up for success with a high-class shopping experience in cities like Amsterdam and New York. Enjoy the winter wonderlands of Banff and Innsbruck with the best snowy lodging.

When booking hotels for your latest jaunt, take a peek at Collections for the best places to stay.

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