Splitting the check at a restaurant is always convenient. Now you can split the bill with Airbnb.

Travel is usually more fun when you are doing it with those you love most. Experiencing new sights and places is an adventure with friends by your side. Of course, group travel opens up possibilities that a single person would not have. One perk of a group of travelers is the shared travel expenses. More people on the journey lessens the larger costs of accommodation and meals. Airbnb is a rising accommodation option for travelers, offering a homelike atmosphere away from home.

Simplify your future group travel arrangements thanks to Airbnb.

Of course with communal expenditures comes the daunting task of splitting the fees. Reports from American AirBnb studies find that over 43 percent of individuals have lost at least $1,000 when group traveling. Collecting what everyone owes after the trip typically takes much time and energy. Considering this statistic, these efforts are not always successful.

Split - Travel Arrangement

With this new feature, up to sixteen individuals can split the Airbnb bill. Airbnb allows the trip organizer to make the reservation with only a part of the final bill. Following the initial booking request, travelers have a maximum of 72 hours to log into a corresponding account and pay their share. This window allows each person adequate time to cover their travel portion while holding the reservation.

Airbnb is breaking new ground in the travel world with this innovative feature. As group travel rises in popularity, simplistic travel options are favorable to most people. It is likely that other travel venues will follow in Airbnb's steps in the name of group travel.

On your next Airbnb booking, check out this new payment technique before you check into your dream home.

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