This new Starbucks cup is sure to have you humming the It’s A Small World theme song.

It’s A Small World is Disney’s iconic attraction. Located in Disney theme parks worldwide, this ride is widely recognized and cherished. For many people, the catchy bars of this song invokes a childhood nostalgia. Likely heard during a family vacation at a young age; this song is never quite forgotten. Thanks to Starbucks, It’s A Small World will not soon fade from our memories.

You can now hold It’s A Small World Magic in your hand as well as your heart.

If pumpkin-flavored churros weren't enough magic for one season, Disneyland just announced a new addition to their Starbucks collection. Disneyland and Starbucks are partnering together to feature a limited-edition cup in honor of this timeless attraction.

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This isn't the first specialty mug released by Disneyland. This past August, the parks unveiled their updated Disneyland version of the “You Are Here” collection. Its vibrant fanciful design took the world by storm. With their newest limited time travel mug, it appears that Disney has done it again.

Geared towards Starbucks and Disney fanatics alike, this ceramic mug is sure to be pulling some heartstrings. The whimsical design is sure to invoke some childlike delight as you reach for your morning coffee. The quirky artwork adorning the mug is a delightful homage to this cherished emblem of Disney.

These cups are available for purchase at $22. You can find them in the Disneyland parks for a limited time. Currently, Disneyland is the only Disney park offering these specific mugs. Word has it that Disneyland annual pass holders can receive a discount on this piece. As a park exclusive, you are going to want to grab yours soon.

It seems like Starbucks agrees that it really is a small world after all.

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