Experience the taste of fall thanks to Disneyland’s churros.

September is now upon us and autumn is indeed in full swing. We can probably all agree that pumpkin is the king of this time of year. Enter into any store and festive decor in various shades of orange will instantly bombard you. People are buying Starbucks’ iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte by the droves; not to mention the numerous social media postings celebrating the season. The surplus of pumpkin flavored food is without questions a favorite part of autumn for many.

Disneyland California Adventure park has something magical and delicious in store for guests this season.

Beginning today, September 15, the Disneyland California Adventure park is fully decorated for the season. You can find Pumpkins and Halloween paraphernalia amidst the fairytale characters and theme park rides. All of this eye candy makes you crave a festive fall treat to snack on while you visit. Fortunately here at the parks, you can do just that.

We also got the Pumpkin Churro! Review to come with a the Cozy Cone Haul-O-Ween goodies! #HalloweenTime pic.twitter.com/Ioo35EPRSG

— WDW News Today (@WDWNT) September 15, 2018

This year there is a unique dessert at Disneyland California Adventure.

You have probably heard of a churro. If you are lucky, you have tried (and enjoyed) one in your lifetime. These fried pastry dough treats come coated in cinnamon sugar. Many people consider the churro a favorite snack. This fall, the parks are putting a festive spin on the traditional churro with a new pumpkin-flavored churro. These brilliant creations are sure to make you toss your pumpkin spice latte aside and make a beeline for the snack bar.

There are no tricks here, only treats. The pumpkin churro is sure to delight all who come to the parks this season. Other fall-themed treats offered include an assortment of goodies flavored with marshmallow buttercream, vanilla butterscotch, and candy corn.

So make sure to stop by Disneyland this fall and take a bite out of the season.

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