There is a New Ship in Town. The Largest Cruise Ship in the World Will Debut in Spring 2018 and We Have All the Details.

Currently, the world's largest cruise ship is Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas. Harmony of the Seas has held the title since 2016. However, it won't be holding it for much longer. Come Spring 2018, Royal Caribbean is outdoing itself by creating an even larger cruise ship – Symphony of the Seas. Able to accommodate 6,780 guests, this supersize cruise ship is built with more space, more amenities, more activities, and thus, more fun. Symphony of the Seas is an adventure of its own. To help ensure that all guests have an exciting and smooth sailing vacation, there are 2,175 crew members on board. The international crew will be working tirelessly to ensure guests have the best vacation possible.

Before the ship's debut, we thought it would be nice to take you on a tour around this massive vessel. For the inside scoop on the soon-to-be largest cruise ship in the world, stay tuned. We are revealing all things pertaining to logistics, latest innovations, activities, accommodations, and dining. Let's get started.

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Let's Talk Logistics

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With the arrival of Symphony of the Seas, Royal Caribbean will have a total of 25 ships. Each ship is impressive in design, but none will be able to compare to the newest addition of Symphony of the Seas. In June 2018, this new vessel hit a milestone when it took to the water for the first time. For more than one year this 230,000-ton and 1,188-foot-long ship has been under construction in France. Successfully remaining afloat, Symphony of the Seas passed its first trip on the water with flying colors. With exterior work complete, the ship's interior work will continue until its scheduled debut in April 2018.

Would you like to be on the cruise ship's first journey? You can! The ship will sail the Mediterranean in the summer of 2018 before embarking towards the United States. In November 2018, Symphony of the Seas has announced its voyage from Miami to the Caribbean. To accommodate this 230,000-ton cruise ship, Miami had to break ground on a brand new terminal. No current port could house Symphony of the Seas, so Miami needed to create more space for it. With cruises ranging from 3 nights to 12 nights, travelers can book now to sail around the Mediterranean or the Caribbean in Summer/Fall 2018. Don't wait. Book now and be among the first to experience the wonder of this new Royal Caribbean cruise ship!

Compared to the current biggest cruise ship, Harmony of the Seas, Symphony of the Seas is over 3,000-tons larger. With more space on the ship deck comes all new features for travelers to enjoy. Let's chat about the largest cruise ship's inner adventure…

Let's Take a Stroll Through the Neighborhood

In total, there are seven “neighborhoods” on this huge cruise ship. Central Park, Boardwalk, Royal Promenade, Entertainment Place, Vitality at Sea Spa, Pool & Sports Zone, and Youth Zone. Central Park comes lined with over 12,000 trees and plants. Royal Promenade (the largest cruise ship's Main Street) is home to restaurants, bars, and boutique shops. The Boardwalk is the place to be for carousel rides and funnel cakes. Entertainment Place speaks for itself. Shows and performances will have passengers at the edge of their seat at Entertainment Place. Vitality at Sea Spa provides the renewal guests need on vacation. Pool & Sports Zone has all things pertaining to water activities and sports fun. Youth Zone, the last of the seven distinct neighborhoods, is a space for young kids to have their very own adventure.

Walking between the cruise ship's “neighborhoods” will transport guests from one awesome place to the next. From New York's Central Park to the Boardwalk, travelers can experience the luxury of traveling the world all while remaining on one cruise ship. How many people can say they have been to Central Park while floating in the middle of the Caribbean? Depending on your mood, each neighborhood can provide just what you need. For quiet time, head to the spa. When craving boardwalk fries and rides, head to the Boardwalk. For fun, well there is fun covering every square foot of this ship. Let's talk about it…

Let's Talk Fun-Filled Activities

There is no shortage of thrilling activities on this ship. Onboard Symphony of the Seas there is a 40-foot-long surf simulator, two rock walls, an aqua park loaded with splashing fun, high-speed water slides, an ice skating rink, and the tallest slide at sea. The tallest slide at sea, Ultimate Abyss, first showed itself on Harmony of the Seas. Now, Ultimate Abyss is back onboard Symphony of the Seas, only this time it is bigger and better. Passengers, prepare yourself for this thrilling attraction. Ultimate Abyss is a fast slide. It is a 10-story drop filled with LRD lights and artwork spiraling down the tube. Only the bravest of passengers should take on the impressive, scream-inducing Ultimate Abyss.

For adults wanting a little less noise, there is an additional pool on deck 15 that is intended for quiet and relaxation. The Sea Spa and Fitness Center are other areas for adults to escape and either recharge or exercise. The ice skating rink is another spot for adults and kids to lace up their skate and show off their best moves. When you are tired of sweating in the Caribbean heat, cool off with a skate around the rink.

Let's Talk Accommodations

Symphony of the Seas will feature 28 more staterooms than the current largest cruise ship, Harmony of the Seas. The additional rooms on Symphony will bring the total stateroom number to a great 2,775. With so many rooms, there are plenty of options for guests to choose from.

The rooms themselves are designed with modern simplicity. Calm blues, whites, and browns create a comforting space for guests to recharge after a day of fun-filled activities. Luxurious royal suites are also available for an upscale stay on this Royal Caribbean ship. No matter what room you choose, guests are sure to have the space they need and the beautiful sea view they desire. “This is room & never bored,” as Royal Caribbean has stated.

Some stand-out features in the accommodations department include the neighborhood views and virtual balconies. Remember Symphony‘s seven neighborhoods that we mentioned? Travelers can book their stay in a room that overlooks Central Park or a different neighborhood of their choice. Talk about the cozy comforts of home in your “backyard.”

Another new feature of this ship is that every room comes with a view. That means, even the interior rooms. How is this possible? We will tell you. It is a new Royal Caribbean innovation called virtual balconies. Becuase of this, all guests can enjoy a view. There are, of course, rooms with real balconies that allow guests to step outside and feel the wind on their face. However, now even those who book interior room will be pleased with their virtual balcony. Travelers can sit back, relax, and watch the waves roll by from any stateroom onboard Symphony of the Seas. It is a real luxury.

Let's Talk Food & Drink

Yes, there is a Bionic Bar onboard Symphony of the Seas. This isn't anything new for Royal Caribbean. Previous ships, including Quantum of the Seas and Harmony of the Seas, feature this tech-savvy invention as well. What exactly is a Bionic Bar? Instead of human bartenders, there are robot bartenders. These bots can whip up your favorite iced tea, mixed drink, martini, or other drink of choice. Faster than you can imagine, your drinks will be shaken, poured, and ready for you. Honestly, this robot thing still kind of freaks us out (don't you enjoy talking face-to-face with human bartenders?), but travelers say they love it. The efficiency of these bar bots is unparalleled and it is quite fascinating to watch them pour your drinks to perfection.

Symphony of the Seas would not be the largest cruise ship without more, gourmet dining options. As for the food on this ship, come hungry when you plan your vacation aboard Symphony of the Seas. There are over 20 dining options on this new, largest cruise ship in the world. And speaking of the world, the cuisine prepared on deck has a global influence. Guests will have many options that range from Asian-inspired meals to gourmet Italian food.

From casual to fine-dining, the restaurants onboard come with diverse vibes. Whether you are traveling with kids and need a casual spot to eat or you are traveling on your honeymoon and desire a more romantic and intimate dining experience, you can find what you are looking for on Symphony. New flavor and new dishes are waiting to be unveiled. Be the first experience the deliciousness of Symphony of the Seas. Anyone whose taste buds are interested must join Symphony on its 2018 trips.

Let's Talk Shore Excursions

We can't forget to mention the shore excursions. Each destination that this ship docks at will be filled with amazing, once-in-a-lifetime excursions and sights to see. Travelers can go scuba diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean. Or, travelers can explore the bright and colorful cities of Barcelona, Naples, and Rome. At every location, passengers are given the opportunity to deboard and discover the art, culture, and history of that place. Packing cameras will be a must because of all of the sights you will see.

After a day wandering through a new city or diving into the Caribbean sea, hop onboard and cruise to your next destination. With duty-free shopping, zip-lining, and rock climbing the fun continues while on deck. Whether Symphony of the Seas is docked or cruising at sea, there will be much to explore on this vacation. Make 2018 the year you set sail on this massive Royal Caribbean cruise.

Let's Climb Aboard the Largest Cruise Ship in the World

Some of Symphony's 2018 voyages include a 3 night Short Western Mediterranean Cruise, a 7 night Eastern Caribbean Cruise, a 4 night Western Caribbean Cruise, and a 12 night Barcelona to Florida Cruise. Don't miss out on the largest cruise ship's first year at sea. Summer and Fall 2018 trips will be packed with relaxation and adventure.

Guests can make the most of their time at sea by splashing in the Aqua Park, swimming laps in the pool, zooming down the tallest slide at sea, skating on ice, and de-stressing at the Sea Spa. With new features including a virtual balcony view in each room and favorite features including the tech-savvy Bionic Bar, travelers will have tons to see and explore on this massive ship. Symphony of the Seas has an adventure waiting around every corner. Come see for yourself. Not to mention, the destinations that this ship docks will be filled with amazing excursion and sights to see.

April 21, 2018 cannot come soon enough. That is the day on which the largest cruise ship, Symphony of the Seas, will set off on her maiden voyage. To be a part of Symphony‘s inaugural year, check out the ship's European and Caribbean itineraries now for 2018. Enough talking, let's get booking! You have just heard the inside scoop on what to expect on this ship. Are you convinced that you will have the best vacation setting sail on Symphony? We know you will. Memorable moments are bound to be made on Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas. Solo travelers, couples, and families with young kids will all find their place aboard this cruise ship. This is a grand ship. Therefore, it comes with a grand adventure. Are you ready to set sail?

Sail Away with Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean's newest ship, Symphony of the Seas, is jam-packed with the latest and greatest innovations. Therefore, travelers won't have any issues finding things to do. Which features of this soon-to-be largest cruise ship did you find most impressive? Share with us in the comments section below!

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