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When it comes to traveling, all roads lead to Rome… at some point that is. If that point is now for you, then you will likely be looking for a place to stay. Well, today we have got you covered. We are going to take an in-depth look at some of the best hotels in Rome. 

When you travel to any city, there are plenty of factors that you need to consider when it comes time to pick out your hotel. For some travelers, finding a hotel that caters to all your luxury needs is what comes first. For other travelers, being at the center of the city is one of the main factors in deciding where is the best place to stay. Today, we are going to look at a range of hotels. Form top-notch hotels, to hotels that will get you closer to all the actions, we have got you covered. Let's get started by taking a look at some of the best hotels in Rome the next time you are in this historical landmark.

1. Rome Cavalieri, a Waldorf Astoria Resort

best hotels in Rome - Rome Cavalieri

Credit: ​Rome Cavalieri / ​Facebook

One of the best hotels in Rome to stay at is easily the Rome Cavalieri, a Waldorf Astoria Resort. For starters, the Rome Cavalieri is unique in the fact that it is situated away from the main city center. It is just about 4 miles away from all the hustle and bustle of the neverending tourism. If you are looking for something away from all the hustle and bustle, then this hotel is for you. Luckily, you can get to this hotel and everywhere else in the city through a complimentary shuttle that takes guests when they need to get around.

One of the standout features of this hotel is easily the fact that it is so secluded. It is situated on the top of Monte Mario.  Here you will find 15 Acres of privacy that was designated specifically for guests to enjoy. There is plenty for you to love here at the Rome Cavalieri. For starters, the rooms are simply gorgeous and have everything that you need to make your stay comfortable.  

There are 345 rooms here, so you are sure to find the room that best suits your needs. On the grounds, you can expect to experience nearly 25,000 square feet of pure entertainment. You will find two tennis courts, a spa, restaurants, as well as swimming pools for you to enjoy.  One of the standout features at the Rome Cavalieri is the Planetarium Suite’s private rooftop whirlpool. From here, you can soak in the incredible views of the city below you.

When it comes to dining, you will absolutely love that there are three restaurants for you to choose from here. Each restaurant not only offers incredible food, but they are also winners of the much sought after Michelin Stars. With all the perks that the Rome Cavalieri has to offer, your biggest issue will be getting out to explore the beautiful city of Rome. Without a doubt, the Rome Cavalieri is one of the best hotels in Rome to call home.

2. Hotel Hassler Roma

best hotels in Rome - Hassler Roma

Credit: Hassler Roma / Facebook

If you are looking to stay in the heart of Rome's Historic downtown, then this one is for you. The Hassler Roma is one of the best hotels in Rome to book your stay at.  The Hassler Roma is located on the top of the Spanish Steps in downtown Rome. Here, you will be at the center of attention of hotspots including local restaurants and shops. Not only that, but the ever famous Trevi Fountain is right around the corner. Along with that, your location here allows you access to other popular attractions such as the Colosseum and the Santa Maria della Vittoria.

When you enter the hotel, you will immediately be blown away by the beauty. The lobby is just as beautiful as you would expect from a Roman hotel. The dated architecture is simply stunning. The beauty follows you when you get to your room. When picking your room, you have your choice between standard rooms and suites. Standard size rooms might be a bit smaller than many other hotels, but they are loaded with everything you need. Comfortable beds, wifi, and work stations will be ready for you. For a cozy stay, the Hassler Roma delivers with its rooms.

Other features that you will love about the Hassler Roma is the fact that there is a spa, a hair salon, two bars, and three restaurants. Along with that, you will find the popular attraction Imago on the 6th floor.  For its superb service and overall quality, Imago has won one Michelin star for its exceptionalism.

If you are looking for a drink, then the Hassler bar is one of the best places to stop by. However, when it comes to dining, guest cannot say enough about their fabulous breakfast buffet that is served here. Scoot over continental breakfast.  you will be served a full-blown Roman breakfast when you stay at the Hassler Roma.

When it comes to a comfortable stay in an elegant location that is near all the prime hot spots, Hassler Roma wins. Without a doubt, Hassler Roma is easily one of the best hotels in Rome to stay at.

3. Hotel de Russie, A Rocco Forte Hotel 

best hotels in Rome - Hotel de Russie

Credit: Hotel de Russie / Facebook

Another one of the most popular and best hotels in Rome is the Hotel de Russie. For starters, the location of the hotel is absolutely superb. You will find yourself right in the center of all the action next to popular attractions and plenty of shops.

Not only that but when it comes to some of the best restaurants in Rome, this hotel delivers.  If you are a seafood lover, then you are absolutely going to love their on-site restaurant Acquolina. Acquolina serves everything seafood lovers dream of. Not only is it traditional seafood, but it is gourmet seafood made the way only Romans know how to make it.  To really enjoy your food, we recommend exploring the Acquaroof Terrace. It is here that you can take in incredible views of Rome while indulging in your meal.

When it's time to settle into your room, you will be pleased that your room will offer everything that you would expect out of a great Hotel. Guests have their choice of rooms and suites. Whichever you choose, you will find a range of amenities including LED TVs, marble bathrooms, and lounge chairs. Some rooms even come with terraces and jacuzzis as well as fireplaces. 

Finally, we love that in true Italian fashion, there is plenty of art to soak in at the hotel as well. The hotel is decorated with over 150 contemporary pieces of artwork. In this artwork, you will find the history of Rome directed. In no truer fashion can you experience Rome than being surrounded by some of its most beautiful artwork.  

If you are looking for one of the best hotels in Rome that is not only incredibly inviting but close to everything, this hotel is for you. All the wonderful features offered at this hotel make it one of the best hotels in Rome to stay at.

4. The Inn at the Roman Forum

best hotels in Rome - Inn at the Roman Forum

Credit: The Inn at the Roman Forum / Facebook

Who says you need the history book or the History Channel to enjoy Rome's past? By simply staying at the Inn at the Roman Forum, you will literally be in the center of where it all took place. This hotel is located in central Rome where all the tourists flock to. You will be glad to know that popular landmarks such as the Roman Forum, the museums, and the Colosseum are right outside your door. In fact, you don't even have to leave the doors to get a taste of Roman history. The inn was actually built with Roman ruins within its walls. To get more of a sense of the history, then it would be worth your time to visit the hotel's Stone Gallery. It is here you will find engravings that are nearly 2,000 years old. It does not get any historical than that.

Though there is a deeply rooted sense of history at this hotel, you would barely be able to notice it because of the design. The restoration and renovation that has taken place in this building have allowed it to become an absolute beauty. You will find modern designs throughout the rooms, commonplaces, and lobbies. Not only that, but you will find free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and electronic amenities in all the rooms. Not only that, but your beautiful marble bathrooms come equipped with jacuzzi tubs.

With all room bookings, you will love the complimentary breakfast buffet that is included. The breakfast buffet here is a rather deluxe one. Filled with sweet pastries and treats, it will not only make your belly feel happy but will get you ready to start your day.

Finally one of the highlights of this hotel is the rooftop terrace. It is at the rooftop terrace that you can soak in incredible views of ancient Rome below. Although the hotel lacks a full service restaurant, guests will enjoy the welcome platter of cold cuts that waits for them upon arrival. Not only that, but guests will also love the complimentary bottle of wine that comes with each room booking. If you are looking for a great place to stay at that is really rooted in history, this hotel is it. The Inn at the Roman Forum is easily one of the best hotels in Rome to call home.

5. Baglioni Hotel Regina 

best hotels in Rome - Baglioni Hotel Regina

Credit: Baglioni Hotel Regina / Facebook

When it comes to incredibly beautiful hotels, the Baglioni Hotel Regina easily tops the list. When you enter the hotel, you will quickly be greeted by the overarching traditional beauty that surrounds you. For example, when you enter the lobby of the  Baglioni Hotel Regina, you will immediately be greeted by a beautiful steel and wood staircase. This stunning staircase cascades down to the main floor. Not only that, but marble columns and exquisite chandeliers will surround you. The elegance of the lobby is simply impeccable. It is everything you would expect out of one of the best hotels in Rome. 

When you enter the room you will call home, you will find the theme of elegance continued. However, it is a bit muted. Standard amenities like Wi-Fi and  TV sets are there for your disposal too. If you get outside of your room, then you will love that there is an on-site gym for you to take advantage of. There is also a spa that comes equipped with a beauty room, sauna, jacuzzi, and a Turkish bath.

If you are feeling hungry, then you are sure to enjoy the on-site full-service restaurant. At the Brunello Bar and Restaurant, delicious Mediterranean inspired dishes await you.  Dine out in this relaxed atmosphere that will have you falling in love with the gorgeous city. Finally, travelers who stay here cannot say enough about the warm hospitality. The service provided by the staff is exceptional. This is especially true when it comes time to figure out what you want to do in Rome. The staff here will help you navigate your travels and organize any services that you may need.

6. Hotel Artemide

best hotels in Rome - Hotel Artemide

Credit: Hotel Artemide / Facebook

What is better than staying at one of the best hotels in Rome?  Well, it is simply staying near all the popular attractions that  Rome has to offer. What makes Hotel Artemide one of the best hotels in Rome is the fact that it is located near everything that is buzzing with life. When you step out onto the cobblestone streets, you can get to nearly anywhere you want by foot.  For starters, the beautiful Trevi Fountain is just under a half a mile East of the hotel. 

When it comes to luxury,  the Hotel Artemide delivers in both decor and style. When it comes to the room, you can expect to find modern amenities including Wi-Fi access, free minibars, flat screen TVs, work desks, and soundproof windows. An awesome perk of the rooms is that the free minibars are replenished daily.

Other amenities that the Hotel Artemide has to offer include standard luxuries such as the 24-hour fitness center. For travelers who are looking to relax, then the Artemide spa is a great place to visit. Not only is the spa reasonably affordable, but you can indulge in a Turkish bath, a large whirlpool, a Finnish sauna, and a nice room to relax in. Another great perk is that there are plenty of complementary robes, slippers, and towels to indulge  In as well.

When you wake up in the morning, be sure to give the hotel's breakfast buffet a whirl. This breakfast buffet is known for serving delectable sweets, pastries, and coffees and teas to get your day started. In some instances when the weather is nice, it is worth it to enjoy your breakfast on the hotel's terrace. From here, you can soak in the beautiful sites that the hotel has to offer. Finally, do not forget to visit the Ambrosia Restaurant for lunch or dinner. Travelers cannot say enough about how delicious this restaurant is. For all that it has to offer, the Hotel Artemide is easily one of the best hotels in Rome.

7. Hotel Raphael

best hotels in Rome - Hotel Raphael

Credit: Hotel Raphael / Facebook

Rome might be the city of ancient history, but when it comes to this next hotel, it is also the city of romance. The Hotel Raphael is one of the best hotels in Rome because it is simply beautiful and has so much to offer. For starters, this hotel is somewhat secluded. Just as Stone throws away from the Tiber River, you will find a long and narrow cobblestone alleyway that serves as the entrance to Hotel Raphael.  Not only is the Hotel Raphael nicely concealed, but you are only a short walk away from Piazza Navona, the Trevi Fountain, and the Pantheon. Although it is nicely hidden, you are not to far away from all the main attractions.

When it comes to the rooms, they are simply stunning. There is a beautiful range of colors that make every traveler feel right at home. You will also find high-speed internet as well as in-room mini bars in each room.  Not only are the rooms great here, but the flavors are as well. For example, the breakfast buffet is one that has received rave reviews. Many past guests will recommend that you indulging in their organic breakfast on the top of the flower field rooftop terrace. Talk about a romantic Roman experience.

If you are looking to get away to a somewhat secluded hotel, then this is the hotel for you. Hotel Raphael caters to travelers by providing the utmost quality and service that revolves around an attentive staff. For one of the best hotels in Rome,  the Hotel Raphael is where you should stay.

8. The Westin Excelsior, Rome 

best hotels in Rome - Westin Excelsior, Rome

Credit: The Westin Excelsior, Rome / Facebook

One of the best hotels in Rome comes from this next trusted name. The Westin Excelsior, Rome is one of the best hotels in Rome because it has plenty to offer. For starters, its location is absolutely perfect. The Westin Excelsior, Rome is located on Via Vittorio Veneto. This is arguably one of Rome's most popular streets. Staying at this hotel means you are just a stone's throw away from the Spanish Steps as well as the Galleria Borghese Museum. 

One of the first things you will notice about this hotel is their fantastic restaurant. The Doney restaurant serves up some of the best Italian cooking around. Right next door, you will find an attached cafe that serves plenty of tea and coffee to get your day started. If you are looking to soak in the Roman atmosphere, then these two restaurants also make for the perfect people watching location. Sip on an Italian cappuccino and soak in the beautiful ambiance of the city and streets that surround you here.

When it comes to the rooms, there is nothing but perfection to expect. For starters, the rooms are updated with modern accessories such as elegant furniture, minibars, and Italian marble bathrooms. For guests who are looking for a more luxurious day, then the Villa La Cupola suit is a great suite to go with.  This room has everything to offer if you are looking to stay in absolute luxury. 

Finally, additional amenities that Travelers love include an indoor swimming pool, and an on-site spa, and a gym. For rainy days in the city, these facilities are great amenities to take advantage of. digital nomads and business travellers, you will love that there are also 11 meeting rooms and a business center for you to take advantage of. Never miss a beat when trying to catch up on work at one of the best hotels in Rome.

9. J K Place Roma 

best hotels in Rome - J K Place Roma

Credit: J K Place Roma / Facebook

When it comes to enjoying Rome’s fashion district, you cannot go wrong with staying at an equally fashionable hotel. If this is the part of Rome that you plan on exploring the most, then it would be worth your while to stay at the J K Place Roma. The J K Place Roma has so much to offer. For starters, it is absolutely exquisite. Unsurprisingly. The location of the JK Place Roma has rubbed off on it. When you enter the hotel, you will immediately be greeted by absolute beauty. The rooms and common areas of this hotel are filled with designer furniture, lighting, and accessories. The decor here will make you feel like you are in a magazine. Not only that but in true Roman fashion, there is an impressive amount of artwork that litters the hotel. 

When it comes to your stay here, there is a variety of 30 rooms and suites that you can choose from. Whichever room you choose to stay in, you cannot go wrong. With the standard rooms, you will find basic amenities including flat screen television sets, free wifi, and complimentary minibars. Depending on which room you stay at, you might also be able to look forward to balconies and beautiful city views.

When it comes to dining in the hotel, there are some great spots waiting for you. For starters, if you make your way to the top of the hotel, you will find the J K Cafe. This cafe is perfect for lounging around and enjoying the city from the top. Not only that but if you are in the mood for a drink or something to nibble on, you will be happy to know that this cafe is also home to a bar and restaurant. The restaurant at the top of the hotel is an absolute treat. You will get to experience the added advantage of world-class service that is personalized and exceptional.

Overall, what makes the J K Place Roma stand out from all the other hotels is that it is simply stunning. It is seeping in luxury and elegance. If you are looking for a great romantic getaway, then this is one of the best hotels in Rome to call home. Ask any past guests, and they will agree.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right place to stay and ad call home during any vacation can make or break a trip. If you are planning to visit the beautiful city of Rome, then you will want to consider your itinerary carefully. For the best hotel selection, you will want to first figure out what it is you re going to be doing in Rome. Then, based on your itinerary, select the hotel that best suits your needs. For some travelers, choosing a hotel based on proximity to attractions is the way to go. For others, comfort, style, and amenities might by the drawing feature. 

Whatever your needs are, we are sure you will be able to find comfort in any one of the hotels listed above. If there is one thing that Rome is known for, it is absolutely exceptional hospitality. If there is one thing that all the best hotels in Rome have in common it is that. Luckily, in all the hotels listed above, there is no shortage of that hospitality. Here's to happy traveling!

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