Travel giant Norwegian Cruise Lines just announced a new ship and they have really outdone themselves. Recently, we filled you in on the Norwegian Escape, the largest vessel the cruise line ever built. But the new Norwegian Bliss is another adventure, altogether. This adventure can be best summarized with two words: race track.

Norwegian Cruise Lines is famous for equipping their ships with a plethora of attractions. With ropes courses and water parks, their cruise liners are more like a theme park than a ship. The company tested their go-kart idea recently, on the Norwegian Joy, with great results. The new addition was such a hit that they decided to do it again. But this time, even bigger. And while the Joy was intended for Asian markets, the Bliss will travel to destinations a lot closer to home.

While the Joy earned the title for first cruise ship race track, the Bliss definitely has it beat for largest. The track measures in at around 1000 feet. This is a full 40% longer than the track on the Joy. But the addition is necessary, say Norwegian Cruise Line officials. After Joy's debut, their tracks are full to capacity throughout working hours. This larger track will allow for more guests and less congestion at the races.

And if you think relaxing cruises and race cars sound like an odd match, we have good news. Developers created Joy's racing vehicles entirely with peace and quiet in mind. These electric go karts are actually so quiet that headrest speakers supply the rider with racecar sounds. This creates the perfect experience for drivers and people trying to relax elsewhere on the ship. But don't let their silence fool you. The go-karts have three-speed options, for all experience levels. And the fastest karts top out near 30 mph!

You don't have to wait long to try out this cutting-edge car rally at sea. The company scheduled Norwegian Bliss's launch for June of 2018. Its first routes run through Alaskans waters. Then, after relocation, the Bliss will take regular trips through the Caribbean with occasional visits to the Mexican Riviera.

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