Italy is a traveler’s dream.

For centuries Italy has been an art and cultural hub of the world. This country is known for its animated locals and classic charms. Here you can walk along the iconic canals of Venice and awed by the history of Rome. Visit Florence and travel back to the Renaissance era. However, even if you travel away from traditional tourist sites such as these, of course, you are sure to discover some gems.

The lakeside town of Varenna is a true treasure to behold.

Varenna is a picturesque village found along Lake Como’s eastern shore. Nestled in the foothills of the Italian Alps, Varenna is a charming place to stay. There are several resorts for those on holiday. Relax by the scenic waterfront and enjoy the slow pace of this town. Visitors and locals alike enjoy strolling past the old fishermen’s houses and across the glittering shoreline.

While you are here, visit the Villa Monastero. These lakeside gardens are lovely to look at and host luxurious décor from the 1800’s.

As you hike the paths around Varenna, moreover you might find the famous Castello di Vezio. This castle has overlooked the sparkling Lake Como for centuries. Walk around this great fortress as you transport back to medieval times.

Make the trek to the Isola Comacina for a true getaway. This petite island has many stories to tell. Here among the scenic foliage lie ruins of buildings from long before. Walk around this island as you find yourself immersed in its eerie ambiance.

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, be sure to visit Monte San Primo. This snowy peak offers an opportune location for skiing and hiking.

Travel to beautiful Varenna on your next stay in Italy. You won't be disappointed with all this quaint getaway has to offer.

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