Don't put your travel bag away just yet. Here are the best places to travel in September.

Fall is right around the corner. As the cooler months begin to set in and the leaves begin to change color, now is a better time than ever to go on a trip. From some of the top places Across the continental United States to the some of the best places across the globe, we have got you covered. Whether you are looking for a quick getaway, or something more relaxing,   there is something for everyone. Here is a list of some of the best places to travel in September.

Explore the United States this September

As August comes to a close, we have got your travel itinerary for September. Here are some of the best places to travel in September all across the United States. From dipping your toes in the beaches of Florida to hiking some of our beautiful landscape, we have got you covered.

1. Anna Maria Island, Florida

Anna Maria Island, Florida

Credit: Flickr

If you are not yet ready to say goodbye to summer then you don't have to. If you want to enjoy some fun in the sun then head on down to one of the best places in the south of Florida this September. Anna Maria Island is one of the best places to travel in September. This is especially true if you’re traveling from up north in New York, Michigan or anywhere else where the cooler air starts to settle in at around this time of year.

During the month of September, Anna Maria Island has everything you could want in a beach. There is soft white sand to dig your toes in while you lounge around in the sun. Speaking of the sun, you will be pleased to know that the air is likely to be just right. You don’t have to fight off the sweltering summer heat when you travel here during September. The cold air from the north finds its way into the southern tip of Florida and makes it the perfect temperature to the enjoy the beach.

Once you are done lounging around, jump into the some of the bluest crystal-clear waters before you. If you time it just right, you might get a chance to see some stingrays or tropical fish swim around you. Don’t forget to take advantage of Anaa Maria Island's modest boardwalk as well. If you are looking for one of the best places to travel in September but are not yet ready to give up summer just yet, then Anna Maria Island is the place to go.

2. The Shenandoah Valley in Western Virginia

Shenandoah Valley in Western Virginia

Without a doubt, one of the best places to travel in September is the Shenandoah Valley. The Shenandoah Valley is home to the majestic skyline Drive. It is here where you can find plenty of hikes and nature trails waiting to be explored. Hike up to the top of old rag Mountain and take in the beautiful sites before you. When you are up there, you will find speckled dots of homes and farms that will go as far as your eye can see. Stand on top of the world at any scenic hike and drink up the beautiful blue ridge mountains that will surround you.

If you time your visit to Skyline Drive just right, then prepare for your eyes to be blown away. Late to mid-September will greet you with colorful changes in the foliage. The vast greens, yellows, and reds are the perfect backdrop for any travel photographer. If you are looking for one of the best places to travel in September, then the Shenandoah Valley in western Virginia is a must.

3. Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley, California

If you are a wine lover, then you will be pleased to know that Napa Valley, California is one of the best places to travel in September. September is the peak of harvest season here in Napa Valley. Because of this, there is no better time to be in wine country than in September. Explore the winery and all it has to offer. Enjoy activities such as grape gathering and cheese and wine tastings.

Because this is such a popular location during the month of September, be warned that the wineries will be bustling with the buzz of tourism. To steer clear of the busy crowds, we recommend taking a tour with the Napa Valley Wine Train. Here you can experience a beautiful winery tour in a vintage rail car all while you indulge in your choice of lunch or dinner. For visitors who want to create a memory that they won’t forget, then a hot air balloon ride is a must. Tour the beautiful countryside from above in a colorful hot air balloon. For a nice and relaxing single romantic getaway, Napa Valley California is one of the best places to travel in September.

4. Denver, Colorado

Best Places To Travel In September - Denver

Colorado is not just for skiing during the winter time. There are so many hidden gems in Denver, Colorado that we have decided that it is one of the best places to visit in September if you are looking for some impromptu exploring.

The mile high city boasts warm days and cool nights in September. Because September is typically the sunnier month in Denver, there’s no better time to visit then in this Autumn month. While you are here, be sure to indulge in some of the best that the city has to offer. Pop on over to the historic Union Station for a bite to eat. Not only that, but Union Station is the perfect place for some good old fashion people watching. While you are here, be sure to carve out time to explore the Denver Art Museum that his home to some of the worlds greatest collection.

Finally, what makes Denver one of the best places to visit in September is the fact that you can take part in so many awesome festivals. Denver's notable September’s Food and Wine Festival is the perfect place to sample some of the best eats the mile high city has to offer. If you are looking for an impromptu getaway for the weekend, Denver Colorado easily makes the list as one of the best places to travel in September.

5. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts

If you are a theatre lover, then Boston, Massachusetts is where you need to be this September. Boston is one of the best places to travel in September because right around this time,  theatre season is just getting underway. There are theatres located all around this landmark city. You can pop into anyone to enjoy a good old community theatre show. For a more upscale experience, book your tickets early one at of the best theatres in Boston, the Huntington Theatre Company. It really does not matter which performance you go see here, the beauty of the building and talent of the actors and dancers will blow you away. Without a doubt, you are sure to have a memorable experience at this theatre.

While you are in Boston, If you have time, then you must pop over to the Adams National Historic Park. This park is the place to be if you want to travel back into time during the month of September. Bring along your camera and take stunning photos of the beautiful foliage. The historical backdrop of former president John Adams’ home is the perfect place to explore if you are a history buff. If you are traveling with children, then this is a great opportunity to give them a hands-on experience in the world of American history.

This town is for liberal arts majors everywhere and people who enjoy the eclectic things of life in general. For a great experience with lots of entertainment and learning, Boston, Massachusetts is easily one of the best places to travel in September.

6. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a hotbed for tourism especially once the summer hits. In order to really see this awesome town and experience it to its fullest, then you need to time your visit correctly. Chicago, Illinois is one of the best places to travel in September. You see, September is when all the crowds go home because the summer rush dies down. If you are a flexible enough traveler, then this is the time you will want to go.

There is something here for everyone. For the music enthusiast, you will be pleased that the Chicago Music Festival is well underway at the start of September. Come out and enjoy talent ranging from national artists all the way to the local artists. Not only that, but you will get to sample some of the best street food that Chicago has to offer. And don’t worry about indulging too much. Know that you can dance it off later in the streets as some cool rhythms filter through the crisp autumn air.

Finally, it is a must that you find some time to explore some of the many museums that call Chicago home. Some of the best museums that call this place home include the Science and Industry Museum, the Field Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Be sure to make some space in your plan so that you can soak up some authentic learning.

Although Chicago is one of the best places to travel in September, you will want to be a little prepared. Pack along a down jacket so that if your travels get a bit chilly, you can still explore in comfort.

7. Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

When you think of like Tahoe, you don’t necessarily think of September. Lake Tahoe is known for being a great summer and winter time get away. However, the same can be true in the time that is in between its peak season. In the summertime, you can expect crystal-clear waters that are perfect for cooling down in. In the winter time, bring along your ski gear for some fun in the snow they won’t forget. If you want to experience like Tahoe the way local might, then September is a great time to visit. The bustling boom of summer tourists begins to die down at this point and that only means one thing; discounts. You can expect some pretty awesome discounts on hotels and cabin properties if you will be staying here for a week or two.

If the discounts don’t make you smile, then maybe the peace and quiet that will surround you will. The start of September is when kids go back to school. For travelers who are looking to enjoy some fun, then know that the pristine beaches will be almost free of the shrieks and screams that children bring along with them. Enjoy the pebbled sand that borders Emerald Bay and ride your kayak or canoe in the sparkling water in peace.

When it is time to grab some lunch or dinner, you can expect wait lines of some of the lakes most popular restaurants to be brief. You don’t have to waste too much time waiting in line in order to taste some of the finest dining Lake Tahoe has to offer.

Go Abroad This September

If you are looking to explore outside of the United States, then we have got you covered as well. Here are some of our favorite places to travel in September if you are looking to go out of the states.

8. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

One of the best places to travel in September is Budapest, Hungary. For starters, the summer rush of tourism begins to slow down at this time. Not only that, but children are going back to school, and the adults are going back to their routines. What’s even better than exploring Hungary is exploring it when the city is in its natural element.

We love that when you travel in September, you can look forward to plenty of festivals popping up, both indoor and outdoor. What makes Hungary one of the best places to travel in September is the fact that these festivals are so welcoming. You will be able to find something for everyone at the festivals. These festivals range from food festivals to low-scale music festivals. A prominent festival that you may run across is the ever popular Wine Festival. The Wine Festival takes place in Buda Castle and is a treat for everyone who gets to enjoys it. Take part in some delicious food tasting paired with some of the finest wine Hungary has to offer. If you are a true foodie, then you might want to wait and take part in the equally popular Hungarian Food Faire. Sample some tasty treats that are locally sourced and made by the over 70 farmers and artisans who participate. Don't forget to leave without purchasing some delicious delicacies to take home with you.

We love that this is one of the best places to travel in September because you can really stretch your dollar. The rush of summer tourism allows business to die down a bit. And thankfully for travelers, this means flight prices that may be on the cheaper side.

To make sure that you are getting the best price possible of your flight tickets, be sure to download the app Hopper to keep track of changing flight prices. Hopper will alert you when it thinks it is the best time to fly. This way, you can enjoy your trip knowing that you are not overspending the way you would have had you gone during the summer season.

9. Ibiza, Spain

Best Places To Travel In September - Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, Spain is a city that is notorious for mostly good reasons. Young travelers, this is where you will want to be this fall. From popular mainstream music to movies that will have you dreaming, Ibiza is where you go if you are looking to have fun.

Now normally, Ibiza has a reputation of being a luxurious, festive getaway to only those who can afford it. The good news is that this is false. What makes Ibiza One of the best places to travel in September is the fact that it can be so affordable. In the summer, crowds go home and tourism is at an all-time low. The start of the offseason is your best chance at getting some great discounts. Clubs, restaurants, bars, resorts, and hotels will do almost anything to make sure that they get customers through their doors. Slashing their prices is one of the best ways they can accomplish this. If you are visiting Ibiza in September,  you can look forward to some great discounts on everything on your itinerary.

If you think you will be missing out on the gorgeous Spanish weather by going in September, then don’t be. Summer is a wonderful time to experience the sunshine that makes the beach enjoyable. Most of the beaches in Ibiza will be open and yours for your enjoyment. Better yet, you can be sure that crowds will be at a minimum too. By going during the summertime, you are more likely to experience this beautiful town the way a local might.

10. Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany

For craft beer enthusiasts all around the world, Munich, Germany is easily one of the best places to travel in September. If you didn’t know it already, Munich is the home of the nationally recognized festival, Oktoberfest. Come out and enjoy the original Oktoberfest in its authentic form.

Contrary to its name, Oktoberfest happens each your on the second to last Saturday in September. Be sure to show up at noon when the mayor of Munich participates in the tradition of the tapping of the first barrel of beer. When this is done, Oktoberfest is officially declared open. What makes this one of the best places to visit in Oktoberfest is the fact that people come from all over the world to take part in this celebration.

With the influx of travelers, you have to come prepared. In order to enjoy this beautiful town to its fullest, it is a must that you book your itinerary such as lodging well in advance. Some hotels and Air b&b’s are well booked up to a year in advance. Don’t miss out on this magical city with poor planning.

Final Thougths

Just because summer has come to a close it does not mean that your travels have to as well. The end of summer and the start of fall can mark some of the best travels for your scrapbook. If you find yourself counting down the days until your next vacation, well now you can stop counting. Be sure to play around with this list of some of the best places to travel in September!

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