Feel like you just can't get that flawless Instagram selfie? Then you'll love Michelle Liu's fabulous invention: chinning.

We all know that feeling. You take a multitude of selfies meant for Instagram, edit all of them, and then hate each one. You do one of two things: give up and decide not to post anything, or share it anyway, hoping for likes galore. We live in a culture where ordinary people become internationally known simply because their Instagram account is filled with model shots. Men and women are praised for looking “perfect” in their flowy dresses in exotic destinations and expensive getups for a night on the town. This is exactly what Michelle Liu is disrupting with her spectacular chinning crusade.

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, this awesome 20-year-old travels around the world and takes selfies in front of renowned landmarks. But these aren't just any old selfies. These are “chinfies,” as she likes to refer to them—and they'll certainly lighten you up.At each destination, she'll find the prize spot for the photo, bury her chin into her neck, et voila! A magical double chin selfie is made. To make things even better, she takes these with a selfie stick, so there's nothing lowkey about the event. No shame, am I right? You can scroll through her amazing photos on her Instagram account, Chinventures. Here are some of our favorites:

Enjoying the sunflowers in Newbury, Massachussetts

img alt=sunflower powerimg alt= Check out the article I leaf-t about my chinning shenanigans in my bio! Ty @mic for interviewing me img alt=

A post shared by Michelle Liu • Chinchelle (@chinventures) on Oct 4, 2018 at 4:56pm PDT

Hanging with her great uncle in front of Tiananmen Square

Fun fact: Apparently my great-uncle was one of Chairman Mao's personal guards img alt=

A post shared by Michelle Liu • Chinchelle (@chinventures) on Aug 31, 2018 at 1:15pm PDT

Posing in Prague, Czech Republic

This place should be on everyone's czechlist img alt=img alt=

A post shared by Michelle Liu • Chinchelle (@chinventures) on May 21, 2018 at 4:21pm PDT

Without a doubt, Liu's chinning will give you a good laugh, but it's more than just a funny Instagram account. Let's face it: we all needed this. Yes, she wants to make people laugh (and she succeeds). But her intention is also to encourage people to embrace themselves without looking like a model.

So, thanks, Michelle—you are indeed an Instagram comedian and inspiration!

So what do you say…will you chinfie?

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