Plan an epic trip with some of these top things to do in Charleston Sc.

When it comes to the south, one of the most underrepresented states is South Carolina. If you ask any local or frequent traveler of South Carolina, they might tell you that they want this well kept secret to stay that way. Well, today, we are spilling the beans. In today's article, we are going to take an in depth exploration of one of the best cities in South Carolina. From its eclectic food scene to its popular landmarks, we have got it all. We have rounded up some of the best things to do in Sc that you cannot miss out on. Be sure not to leave these activities off your list the next time you travel here. Let’s get started.

1. Pay a Visit to the Charleston Farmers Market

best things to do in charleston sc - Farmers Market

Credit: Charleston Farmers Market / Facebook

One of the most popular things to do in Charleston Sc is to visit their famous farmers market. During the months of April to December, the Charleston Farmers Market is in full swing. Come out every weekend to enjoy the liveliness that goes on in this quaint yet wonderful farmers market. The Charleston Farmers Market is held right on Marion square every Saturday. If you are looking for a way to spend a lazy morning, then look no further. The Charleston Farmers market makes for the perfect place for locals and travelers alike.

It is here at the Farmers Market that you can meet the farmers of Charleston and the surrounding areas. Each week, you can look forward to the farmers bringing some of their most bountiful crops. You can look forward to fresh produce served here every weekend. With these fresh ingredients, you can create some of the tastiest meals while you call Charleston home. Especially if Charleston will be home for a big portion of your travels. Some of the ingredients that you should keep an eye out for include their popular veggie. The farmers market is known throughout for their popular heirloom tomatoes and turmeric roots. These are among some of the popular staples that locals here love.

What we love about the Charleston Farmers Market is the fact that you can sample some of the delectable dishes right on the spot. For example, Lowland Farms offers some of their delectable pimento cheese spread. This cheese spread is as creamy as it is delicious. If you are in the mood for something a little sweeter, then the strawberry honeysuckle jam is the way to go. The jam is made with strawberries right from the Ambrose Farm. Ask any local and they will tell you that it is a sure winner. Finally, you can not leave without getting your hands on some of the best peaches available in the south.

Lastly, if you are not here for the food, then you should certainly come here for the gifts. There are plenty of savory snacks to take back home when your travels through Charleston, South Carolina come to a close. Along with that, you will find plenty of artisan crafts including jewelry. For one of the best things to do in Charleston Sc, you can not miss out on the ever popular Charleston Farmers Market.

2. Explore the Charleston Museum

best things to do in charleston sc - Charleston Museum

Credit: The Charleston Museum / Facebook

In any city that you visit, it is worth your while to take some time and visit the local museums. One of the best things to do in Charleston Sc is to visit their iconic Charleston Museum. Everything about the Charleston Museum is worth the visit. For starters, the building is a modern structure that beckons visitors right in. Perhaps one of the standout features of the Charleston Museum is the inner courtyard. This courtyard is perfect for strolling around in. Especially during the warmer months.

Since 1773, the Charleston Museum has been slowly collecting artifacts and memorabilia that define the history of Charleston, South Carolina. If you want to get a true sense of Charleston's history, then we suggest starting your tour through the wing that touts the Lowcountry past. Here you will get to travel back into history to the start of what made South Carolina what it is today. Learn all about the Native Americans who called this place home. Then, explore how the landscape and culture changed when their land in the surrounding area was colonized. Speed right up to the 18th century and get a first-hand experience of what life looked like. Here you will find some of the everyday odds and ends that homemakers came in contact with. Everything from everyday objects to silver tea and cup sets are displayed here with pride.

The exploration of Charleston, South Carolina's history is not limited to the people either. If you are a nature lover or curious about what the world looked like before civilization, then you are in for a treat. You can travel all the way back to Charleston's natural history at the Charleston Museum. Learn all about the dinosaurs, buffalos, and other wild creatures that called this place home.

If you time your visit just right, then you might be able to miss the rush of schoolchildren and other groups who are out exploring the Charleston Museum. One of the best times to experience the museum is during the summer months. Not only is the Charleston Museum a great way to get away from the summer heat, but you can take your time here.  Peacefully stroll through the exhibits without much interruption when the crowds of school children come to a close.

Finally, make it a point to stop by the gift shop before you head home. Here you will find a range of trinkets and treasures that make for the perfect gift. For one of the best things to do in Charleston Sc, the Charleston Museum is certainly one of the most educational experiences that you cannot miss out on.

3. Kiawah Island Golf Resort

best things to do in charleston sc - Kiawah Island Golf

Credit: Kiawah Resort

If you are looking to get away in luxury and do not mind driving a little bit out of Charleston, South Carolina, then one of the best things to do in Charleston Sc is to visit the Kiawah Island Golf Resort. Although Kiawah Island Golf Resort is about 45 minutes outside of Charleston, South Carolina, you really will not get to feel all that time lapse because the drive is quite a beautiful one. If you are traveling with a significant other, then you are in for a treat. Coming out to the Kiawah Island Golf Resort makes for one of the best romantic weekend getaways.

What makes the Kiawah Island Golf Resort such a fantastic place is the fact that it offers everything you need to relax. It is located right on Kiawah Island which is not only incredibly peaceful but majestically beautiful too. Soak in the calm that surrounds you for a moment you will not forget.

When you are here, you can take advantage of all things revolving around self-pampering. Indulge in the resort's fine dining and many plentiful outdoor activities. You can take part in tennis, kayaking, and of course, golf. If you are staying in Charleston, South Carolina, then it is well worth your time to take a day trip out to this fabulous resort. Unsurprisingly, the Kiawah Island Golf Resort has been listed as one of Forbes 5-star and AAA five Diamond hotels and stays. If that does not scream luxury, then we are not sure what does. Go on a romantic evening, and book a trip here for an adventure you will not forget.

4. Visit John Pope Antiques

best things to do in charleston sc - John Pope Antiques

Credit: John Pope Antiques

If you are a lover of all things antiques, then one of the best things to do in Charleston Sc is to visit the iconic John Popes Antiques. John Pope Antiques is rightly named after John Pope himself. John Pope opened up this unique collection of antiques in 2007. After he graduated from Savannah College with a degree in historic preservation, he went on to give Charleston, South Carolina a gift that it was too good to ignore.

Visitors can expect to get a first hand account of Mr. John Pope's passion for all things antiques. His travels throughout some of the most magical parts of the world including Asia and Europe have inspired him to bring his vision to reality. With his unique attention to quality, detail, style, and downright beauty, visitors are in for a treat. You are sure to get a sense of what it means to enjoy the finer things in life. Along with that, the history behind some of these antiques is simply mesmerizing. Whether you are an antique lover or are simply looking to gaze at something beautiful, this place is for you. visiting John Pope Antiques is easily one of the best things to do in Charleston, South Carolina.

5. Dine at Husk

best things to do in charleston sc - Dine at Husk

Credit: Husk / Facebook

When it comes to travel and food, it is only fitting that you dine at some of the best locations that your travels take you. When it comes to South Carolina one of the best things to do in Charleston Sc is to dine at the iconic Husk. From locals to press, Husk continues to earn rave reviews that have placed it as one of the best restaurants in Charleston, South Carolina. In fact, this restaurant is so popular that you can find a branch in other states including Tennessee.

Husk is the statewide recognized restaurant that is run by an equally accomplished Chef, Sean Brock. Sean Brock is an award winning chef who continues to offer locals and travelers some of the best dining that Charleston has to offer. When it comes to southern hospitality, no one does it the way Husk does.

If you will be staying in downtown Charleston, then you will be pleased to know that Husk is located right in the heart of Charleston. The dishes crafted by the current Chef, Travis Grimes, serves up southern food that is like no other. His dishes take the reality of southern food and bring them up to something so luxurious and exquisite that you cannot ignore them. The enticement of Husk is not only limited to the food either. Right when you walk into this restaurant, you will be greeted with a sleek and modern design that is as inviting as it is elegant. While the design of the restaurant was obviously to appeal to the eyes, it does have a practical purpose as well.  The setting was intentionally designed to heighten the emphasis on the wood fire oven that dominates the open kitchen.

Chef Sean Brock has a love for southern cooking that is as infectious as it is tasty. In fact, this love for southern cooking is buried deep within his motto. As chef Sean Brock States, “If it doesn't come from the south, it's not coming in the door.”  Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, chef Sean Brock gives diners the unique experience of exploring what southern cooking is really all about.

Some of the popular dishes to try when you visit Husk include the Carolina Gold crab Rice. Benton's Bacon and the Crab Roe are also tasty crowd pleasers. And of course, you can not go wrong by choosing to dine on the Carolina Shrimp and the Southern Fried Chicken skins with pimento cheese. Whatever it is that you're craving, Husky delivers. For some great southern cooking that is as delectable as it is hearty, then Husk is easily one of the best things to do in Charleston Sc.

6. Take a Charleston Sole Walking Tour

best things to do in charleston sc - Sole Walking Tour

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then one of the best things to do in Charleston Sc is to literally take a stroll with the Charleston Sole Walking Tours. The Charleston Sole Walking Tours is one of the best things to do in Charleston Sc because it allows you to see the city like no other. You will literally get the chance to walk through the streets of Charleston and see some of the most iconic landmarks that the city has to offer. In fact, if you ask any traveler who has taken the tour, they will tell you that day have the opportunity to see over 99% of the major Charleston attractions.

What makes this tour so unique is the fact that you do not have to plan a whole afternoon around the walking tour. The Charleston Sole Walking Tours usually take about two and a half hours to complete. In that time frame, you will get to see popular landmarks such as Rainbow Row. You will also get the opportunity to visit the old Exchange building, the Dock Street Theater, the Nathaniel Russell House Garden, the Waterfront mansions, and the Old Slave Mart Museum.

Your walking guide, Brian Simms, is not only a native of Charleston but knows everything that there is to know about this city.  If you are looking to really get a bang for your buck, then we recommend staying up towards the front of your tour group. That way, you can get an in depth understanding of what your tour guide is explaining. Not only that, but you can ask questions and inquire about anything that sparks your interest.

If you are more interested in soaking in the sights and maybe even snapping a couple of photos or two, then you will not miss out by staying closer towards the back of the group. This way, you will still get all the necessary information, but you will also have the luxury of somewhat taking your time. If you are a travel photographer, then the walking tour is one of the best ways to snap some of the best shots of your travels. For outdoor enthusiasts to like to stroll around on their adventures, then the Charleston Sole Walking Tours are easily one of the best things to do in Charleston Sc.

7. Butcher and Bee

best things to do in charleston sc - Butcher and Bee

Credit: Butcher and Bee

If you love to travel for the sake of food, then Butcher and Bee is another one of the best things to do in Charleston Sc. Butcher & Bee is ranked as one of the best restaurants by many locals and travelers alike. Perhaps one of the most popular aspects of Butcher and Bee is the fact that it is such an iconic location for hipsters and foodies alike. Not only do they have some of the best dishes, but their sandwiches and burgers are absolutely out of this world.

Some of the popular dishes that you should aim to sample include their popular pita sandwich called The Sabich. The sandwich comes loaded with roasted potatoes, pickled cabbage, eggs, eggplant, tahini, and Israeli salad. Although it is an eclectic mix of food, they blend together just well enough to make one of the best sandwiches you have ever tasted.

If you are a little hesitant with going out there with your food choices, then you can't go wrong with settling on their classic cheeseburgers. Their cheeseburgers are arguably some of the best burgers around. With the right amount of seasoning and flavor, coupled with the perfect texture, it is easily one of those burgers that you will not forget.

Finally, what makes this place so awesome is the fact that they cater to a range of diets. If you happen to be a vegetarian, then this is certainly the place for you. They have a range of yummy vegetarian options that are just as delectable as they are healthy. For some of the best dining that has the right amount of edge, then Butcher and Bee is easily one of the best things to do in Charleston Sc.

8. Charleston Waterfront Park

best things to do in charleston sc - Waterfront Park

Credit: Charleston

If the weather is just right and you are looking to stroll around and soak in the beauty of Charleston, then this next location is for you. The Charleston Waterfront Park is easily one of the best things to do in Charleston Sc. For starters, the Charleston Waterfront Park is extremely relaxing. And if you time your visit just right, you can get a stretch of the pier that can be all your own.

In all its Essence, the Charleston Waterfront Park is essentially a strip by the ocean that is the perfect place for hanging out. It is littered with quaint little coffee shops and other boutiques that are perfect for popping into if you want a small bite to eat. If you are looking for the perfect souvenir, then there are plenty of shops at the Waterfront Park that can accommodate as well.

Along with that, the Waterfront Park includes a pier that is perfect for watching ships that set sail. It is also the perfect place to just soak in the beauty of the ocean and the coastal line that calls South Carolina home. For even more beauty, make your way over to the White Point Garden Park. The White Point Garden Park is home to a maze of cobblestone streets that make way to beautifully historic houses. This charming setting it the perfect backdrop for any romantic getaway.

9. Take a Bike Ride Through the City

best things to do in charleston sc - Bike Ride

One of the most iconic things about Charleston, South Carolina is the fact that the city is big enough to boast so much fabulousness. Yet it remains small enough that it is still quaint and cute. One of the best things to do in Charleston Sc revolves around the way you should experience this town. Yep, we are talking about experiencing this town firsthand through a bike ride.

Throughout all the streets of Charleston, South Carolina, you are sure to find locals and travelers getting along via a bike. Get in on the action by renting a bike yourself and going out on your own exploration.  you do not have to bring your own bike to get the job done either. Simply make your way over to King Street where you will find bikes for rent known as Affordabikes. These rentable bikes are the perfect way for exploring the town at your own pace.

Some of the popular routes to include on your bike ride include biking over to the coast across the Cooper River on the Ravenel Bridge. This detour is roughly a 2.7 mile long bike ride that cannot be ignored. In fact, there are dedicated bike lanes that were made for this purpose. On this route, you will also get the luxury of getting some fantastic views of the harbor.

Once you are done biking this pre describe the route, it is time to get a little creative with your exploration. One of the best things to do in Charleston Sc is to bike over to Charleston's downtown and bike through the quaint cobblestone streets. You will also find plenty of one way roads that are equally bike friendly. Finally, finish up your ride by pedaling over to the historic horse track at Hampton Park. Who says you have to spend in a whole evening exploring with formal tour guides? Instead, simply hop onto an Affordabike and explore the city at your own leisurely pace.

10. Pop into Blue Bicycle Books

best things to do in charleston sc - Bicycle Books

When it comes to many travelers, books can be a traveler's best friend. Because of this, our next item on our list of the best things to do in Charleston Sc is to pay a visit over to Blue Bicycle Books. Blue Bicycle Books is one of the most iconic book shops in all of Charleston.

There are several reasons that Blue Bicycle Books is such a fan favorite from any. For starters, the atmosphere here is simply infectious. It has the perfect mixture of charm and sophistication that you can not ignore. When it comes to the books, visitors are equally as impressed. You can take your pick of virtually any type of book you want.

Blue Bicycle Books, of course, houses new releases. You can also find new, and used books here as well. However, what makes Blue Bicycle Books such a standout location is the fact that they have an impressive collection of rare books as well. You can easily spend a whole afternoon scouring their impressive book collection.

Finally, you may want to take a look at Blue Bicycle Book's website before you head out here. This quaint little bookshop is known for hosting regular talks and signings by a range of authors. If you are interested in getting to meet an author and perhaps even getting them to sign a book for you, then you should check their website beforehand. This will give you an opportunity to see which author is planning to come and when. From funnyman Stephen Colbert to  Jonathan Greene to the popular R.L. Stine, Blue Bicycle Books has seen a range of fantastic authors over the years. When it comes to this bookstore, it offers a wonderful time that is as relaxing as it is unique, Blue Bicycle Books is easily one of the best things to do in Charleston Sc.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are traveling with a friend or traveling solo, Charleston, South Carolina has so much to offer. Whatever type of traveler you are, we are sure that you will find something here that you will love. Before you head out on your adventure, be sure to make some room in your itinerary of some of these best things to do in Charleston Sc. Here’s to happy traveling!

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