Travel the World on the Oceania Marina Cruise

Oceania Cruises know how to show you the world, and the Oceania Marina is the ship you want to be on! First of all, Oceania Cruises offer a spectacular assortment of travel destinations, beyond the typical Caribbean cruise. Plus, the Oceania Marina cruise isn’t all about the destination; it’s about the journey, too. You’ll get to experience fantastic entertainment, exquisite cuisine, and complete relaxation on the Oceania Marina. On board the Oceania Marina, the atmosphere is “country club casual ambiance,” and the chefs seek to wow you with their culinary delights.

Oceania Marina Cruise

About the Oceania Marina

Oceania Cruises has six premium cruises, and the Oceania Marina is one of those six. The Oceania Marina politely advertises in a way that promises the cruise won’t turn into a college spring break party. Perhaps most impressive is the low staff to passenger (1:2) ratio. Also, the room decor and cleanliness, activities, food, and personalized service are evidence of the crew’s hard work and attention to detail throughout the ship. On the Oceania Marina, the Lalique Grand Staircase seems to be a beautiful work of art, and the furnishings in the Owner’s Suites are Ralph Lauren. The cruise ship Marina boasts intimate, yet glamorous. This specific ship in the Oceania collection promises to have “raised the bar just a little bit higher.”

Oceania Marina Features and Benefits

Suites and Staterooms

oceania marina - Suites and Staterooms

No “cabins” here; just suites and staterooms that aren’t just big names for a little room. These truly deserve the title of suites and staterooms because of their spacious size. The Oceania Marina promises details in these rooms that reflect their desire to treat you like royalty. Throughout the room, rich woods serve as trims in the rooms, and custom artwork decorates the walls. Most of the accommodations even have a private teak veranda, and you’ll find the ocean views more entertaining than that flat screen TV across from your couch. Relax in thick cotton robes, and enjoy the twice-daily maid service. Of course, Oceania Marina staff goes above and beyond; you’ll find Belgian chocolates on your pillow with the evening turn-down service.

In addition to the classic staterooms, the Owner’s Suites, Vista Suites, Oceania Suites offer the next level. Comparable to five-star hotels, these spacious rooms have full-sized bathtubs and decor from famous designers. Each has its own bedroom and dining room. The “nautical grandeur” here will most definitely impress.

Dining Options

oceania marina - Dining

Credit: Oceania Cruises

Formal Dining

In the Grand Dining Room, you’ll find tapestries, wood decor and beautiful chandeliers that serve as a backdrop for your dining experience. The trained staff politely adds to your experience, without distracting from your dinnertime conversation. In addition, the menus change daily, and you will always have at least ten appetizers and twelve main dishes to choose from. The wine list is impressive, and the menu options are exciting and tasteful. You’ll find a vegan menu, and you’ll most definitely want to partake in the dessert menu.

oceania marina - Formal Dining

Credit: Oceania Cruises

Another dining option is the Polo Grill. Sink into a burgundy leather chair and feel the opulence of this steakhouse. The chefs at Polo Grill take their beef seriously. They’re USDA Prime and dry-aged for 28 days to enhance tenderness and flavor. Of course, you’ll find scrumptious seafood dishes, too. Reservations are required, and the Oceania Marina Polo Grill is only open for dinner.

The Oceana Marina ship’s birthplace is actually Italy, and Italian dishes served in Toscana dining room are authentic. You’ll enjoy the beautiful china plate of Octopus Carpaccio with Champagne Vinaigrette or the Artichoke and Parmesan Cheese Timbale with Black Truffle Sauce. The not-so-ordinary Lasagna Alla Forno with Bolognese Sauce is also a good choice. Take your time with dinner here, sip on wine, and enjoy the ocean view.

Oceana Marina ship’s

Credit: Oceania Cruises

Continue your tour of European cuisine right on the ship at Jaques, the Parisian-inspired bistro. The atmosphere here is delightful; soft color palettes, unique antiques, and distressed wood furnishings accompany you. You’ll want Master Chef Pépin to create a tasteful masterpiece for you, too.

Casual Dining

Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the Terrace Cafe. Here, you can choose to eat outside on the teak wood terrace. Enjoy all three meals with a wide variety of menu options, but still the tasteful excellence that the Oceania Marina chefs will give you.

The Waves Grill is your pool-side go-to, complete with full menus and still superior service. They even offer energy bowls, raw juices, and vegan smoothies. Sit in the gallery, or eat your salad or burger right by the pool!

You’ll also find the afternoon tea a daily event that’s eagerly anticipated. This lovely event happens daily at 4 pm. No reservations needed. You can also sip coffee and enjoy pastries at the Baristas coffee bar.


oceania marina - pool

Credit: Oceania Cruises

On the Oceania Marina, you can be one of 1,250 “pampered guests.” The service standards are high. Chances are you will become friends with the amiable staff you’ll see on a regular basis. The size of the ship not only allows for this intimacy and coziness, but it also allows for access to smaller ports in towns that larger vessels couldn't dock. To relax, make an easy-to-get appointment at the Canyon Ranch Spa Club. You won’t have to fight for a chaise lounge to relax in by the pool, and you’ll most definitely find peace and relaxation on board. Boarding and exiting the ship is a smooth process, thanks to the smaller size of the craft, and plenty of staff to expedite the process.


oceania marina - Entertainment

Credit: Oceania Cruises

The Marina ship’s talented actors perform three different shows as well as host a night of dancing! You can relax with cocktails and live classical music in the background. Karaoke and dancing can be your nightly routine at Horizons! Spend your days by the pool or in any of the three whirlpool spas. Enjoy the putting green, croquet, or shuffleboard, or catch up on best-sellers in the peaceful, English-style library. Browse the duty-free boutiques (three of them!) or hang out in the casino. You can sign up for some enrichment courses: cooking classes and educational lectures. The Canyon Ranch Spa Club offers plenty of packages for a beauty afternoon or couples massages.

Canyon Ranch Spa

Credit: Oceania Cruises

Choose from an extensive variety of destinations on the Oceania Marina. With durations under a week or over 22 days, you will surely be able to set some vacation time aside for an Oceania Marina cruise. Barcelona, Miami, South Pacific, Montreal, London, Rome, Europe, Scandinavia, Italy, California, and South America are just some of the areas you’ll get to explore on a cruise in the Oceania Marina. You’ll want to check out the specific Oceania Marina itinerary for each trip because you’ll get a delightfully planned travel experience that varies with each one. You’ll have chances to spend overnights on shore, and you’ll be offered choices of activities at each stop. The size of the Oceania Marina allows for speedy boarding and exiting, so your vacation time isn’t wasted waiting in lines.

What Other Travelers are Saying About the Oceania Marina

Others are impressed with the very things that the Oceania Marina prides itself in. Reviewers comment on the spacious rooms, the attentive staff, and delectable cuisine. Some critique the price of in-town excursions that could have been substituted with a local tour for a better price. Along with the supposed too-high cost, passengers note that sometimes travel distances to and from the port are too long. While the rooms offer good space, some prefer the bathroom and closets to be larger. Others have varying preferences for the amount of free time during the excursions. Consistently, though, reviews rave about the quality of food and exceptional service.

Oceania's Alternative Cruise Ships

Cruise Ships

Credit: Oceania Cruises

The Oceania Regatta, Insignia, Nautica and Sirena are other cruise ships in Oceania’s luxurious fleet. These ships are smaller than the Marina, with capacity for 684 guests. On the Regatta, you can choose destinations and stops around Vancouver, Seattle, Alaska, California, Australia, New Zealand and Miami among others.The Oceania Regatta offers many cruises in and out of Miami and New York, with various stops in between. You can also choose destinations such as Cape Town and Singapore on the Oceania Insignia cruise ship.

The Oceania Riviera is most similar to the Oceania Marina in size; the capacity is 1,250. Leave and return to Miami, with various options for destinations in between. Choose to visit Italy, Spain or Greece on the Oceania Riviera.

A Luxury Cruise on the Oceania Marina is an Experience of a Lifetime

Overall, we suggest saving up those vacation days and planning a trip aboard the Oceania Marina (or one of her sister ships). An Oceania Marina cruise means you’ll get to see the world with an experience created for your complete enjoyment. Many Oceania cruise passengers return for other trips, and we can tell why! You won't be disappointed aboard the Oceania Marina!

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