Take a bite out of Texas with some of the best restaurants in Dallas.

One of the best states to visit any time of the year is Texas. Wether its a long trip or a weekend getaway to Texas. From good cities filled with great people giving off some good old southern hospitality, Texas has it all. If you find yourself planning a trip down to the wonderful state of Texas, then you must make it a point to stop by the great city of Dallas. Today, we have rounded up some of the best restaurants in Dallas that you simply can not ignore.

What makes Dallas so awesome is the fact that they have a great food scene. Although the Tex Mex food scene is what really dominates, there are plenty of other restaurants that are sure to please. Today, we are going to go over some of these top restaurants. From great food to even better company, Dallas has got it all. Let's dive into some of the best restaurants in Dallas that you absolutely cannot ignore.

1. Jose

best restaurants in Dallas - Jose

Credit: Jose

Do you want to enjoy all the delicious eats that the south of the border has to offer?  If you do, then this next destination is the place for you to go. For many, Jose is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Dallas. Once you take a glance at their menu, you will quickly see why.

Jose is best known for their Guadalajaran Inspired dishes.  There are a whole host of dishes that you are sure to fall in love with here. One of their best dishes is of course the tacos. If you want to try out some of these tasty tacos, then come out on Taco X Taco Tuesday. The tacos are not only stuffed with some of the best ingredients, but they are put together with original house made corn tortillas that are absolutely perfect.

Can't come on Tuesday? Well then come during breakfast. Aside from lunch, breakfast is another great time to dine at Jose's. This is because they serve the best breakfast tacos. This delicious breakfast dish comes wrapped in a house made tortillas that will give you the perfect kick of flavor. Ask any local and they will tell you that the breakfast tacos are the right way to start your morning. It's also a bonus that they are always so hearty and filling.

While Mexican style dishes are really what Jose flourishes in, this restaurant does have other options for you to explore as well. For example, the prepared salmon that is a specialty of the Jose is something you should certainly try out if you love seafood. This salmon is smoked in house and stuffed in an avocado. In addition to that, the meal is infused with an eclectic range of herbs and spices that seafood lovers are sure to get a kick out of it. Of course, there is also tuna and calamari if you prefer to venture out a little bit more as well.

Coupled with enchiladas, and street style Mexican rice, there are so many different choices to choose from here. If you are looking for one of the best restaurants in Dallas to dine at, then Jose is a place that you should not ignore.

2. Felix Culpa

best restaurants in Dallas - Felix Culpa

Credit: Felix Culpa / Facebook

What makes this next location one of the best restaurants in Dallas is the fact that you come here to do more than just eat. When you come to Felix Culpa, you are coming here for an unforgettable experience. For starters, the layout in this restaurant is one that is certainly eye catching. Felix Culpa revolves around everything pop culture and does a fantastic job staying up to date with the latest themes and trends.

Once you have had time to soak in the beautiful atmosphere, it is time to explore their eclectic dish menu. Favorite dishes such as their whole roasted salmon with celery root and fennel is a great dish to try if you are looking for something to match the restaurant's vibe. Along with that, it is an absolute must that you try the Texas pea hummus and flatbread combination.

When you come to Felix Culpa, you come looking for the opportunity to really enjoy your meal. Come out with good friends and enjoy a night out of town and you will quickly see why Felix Culpa is one of the best restaurants in Dallas.

3. Namo

best restaurants in Dallas - Namo

Credit: Namo

What makes Dallas so cool is the fact that there is a range of upscale restaurants for all different types of travelers. If you are a sushi lover, then you are in for a treat. Namo is easily considered to be one of the best restaurants in Dallas. Especially when it comes to Sushi. While it might be easy to miss when you are out, just be sure to look for its sister restaurant, Pok the Raw Bar.

The menu here at Namo is simple yet bursting with flavor. Of course, Namo is reputable for delicious hand rolled sushi. The sushi is served with packed rice and fish that is flown in straight from Japan's most famous fish market, Tsukiji.  This dedication to quality is what has enabled the sushi rolls to be a fan favorite time and time again. In addition to their sushi rolls, there is a wide range of delicious fish that you should sample as well. For example, the tuna and salmon sashimi here are simply delectable.

If you are looking for something hearty and bursting with flavor, Namo has got you covered in that department too. Sample their 16-piece set menu that includes four pieces of toro, yellowtail, cucumber, and blue crab. For lobster Lover's, the 16-piece with lobster set menu comes with salmon, cucumber, blue crab, and lobster. And of course, for even more flavor, do not forget to add along a sushi roll or spring roll for a superb dining experience.

4. Tulum

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Credit: Tulum

If you have ever visited Mexico's popular destination Tulum, then this next restaurant is a place that you must visit. Sharing the same name, Tulum is recognized as one of the best restaurants in Dallas, Tx. When you visit, you will immediately see why. The restaurant Tulum does the unique job of taking all the charm of the Yucatan Peninsula Vibes and pulling them together into a delicious menu. In fact, Chef Nico Sanchez was inspired by this great destination to create the popular menu that this restaurant is known for.

When it comes to the dishes, you are sure to find a whole host of yummy eats. Some of the popular dishes that customers cannot stop raving about include the roasted beets and smoked potato puree. There is also the delicious baby back ribs that are sauced with a delightfully roasted pineapple salsa negra.

In addition to the flavors, the presentation of the meals is simply jaw dropping. If you are a foodie, then you certainly want to grab some snaps of the delicious eats here before you devour them. Without a doubt, stopping by Tulum will allow you to see why it is considered one of the best restaurants in Dallas.

5. The Delucca Gaucho Pizza and Wine Dallas

best restaurants in Dallas - Delucca Gaucho Pizza and Wine

Credit: ​The Delucca Gaucho Pizza and Wine Dallas

If you are a pizza lover who is looking to get a good fix, then this next destination is for you. The Delucca Gaucho Pizza and Wine Dallas is easily one of the best restaurants in Dallas that you must try.  For starters, this restaurant serves up some of the finest pizza in all of Dallas. However what makes this restaurant unique is the way in which they have an eclectic range of pizzas for every type of traveler.

When you check out the menu, you will find that there are some really odd and ingenious toppings that will have you wonder “what if?”. Some of the innovative options that you should keep an eye out for include the tikka masala and the buffalo chicken pizza pies. However, you don't have to be a foodie adventurer in order to really enjoy this place. There are certainly more tamed back pizza pie options including your standard cheese, and veggie with meat toppings. Simply speak with your server about creating a customized pizza that is perfect to your liking.

However you prefer your pizza pie to be served, one thing is certain. You cannot go wrong with dining at what is arguably one of the best restaurants in Dallas, especially when it comes to pizza. Be sure not to leave it off your list the next time you find yourself here.

6. Spend the Day at Legacy Hall

best restaurants in Dallas - Legacy Hall

Credit: ​Legacy Hall

If you love all things subs, then you have to come out to this next hot spot. If you ask any traveler or local, they will tell you that Legacy Hall is easily home to some of the best restaurants in Dallas, Tx. What makes this place so awesome is the fact that they are known for having some of the best eats in all of the city. Not only that, but their atmosphere is simply the best.

For starters, Legacy Hall is the place to be if you love sports, live entertainment, and good food. This eatery has combined these elements to create the perfect atmosphere for enjoying a great day out. From finger food to hearty dishes to good old comfort food, this place has got it all.

When you get here, you will notice that there are different options available on a wide range of venues. This is thanks to their unique European style food hall concept. For example, a recent option that was just introduced was the new French Dip Sandwich Stall. This stall is located on the Hall's first floor. Here you have the option to choose from some yummy hot sandwiches and subs that are simply mouthwatering.

In addition to that, you are sure to love their Shwarma Bar. The Shwarma Bar offers visitors the opportunity to take a bite out of some delicious Mediterranean inspired dishes. Whatever hall you choose to dine out in, you are sure to fall in love. The menus here are simply delicious. Coupled with the fact that there are so many options to choose from, you are sure to never get bored. Be sure to check them out online before you head out as well. You can take a look at what types of performances are going on during your time of visit. This will allow you to have an experience that you are sure not to forget.

7. Teppo Yakitori and Sushi Bar

best restaurants in Dallas - Teppo Yakitori and Sushi Bar

Credit: Teppo / Facebook

This next destination is the place to go to if you enjoy some good old grilling. Teppo Yakitori and Sushi Bar is the one stop shop for great dishes that are grilled with the traditional method of yakitori. Yakitori is a well kept secret method of grilling where all the parts of a chicken get through roughly cooked. Yes, all the parts. That includes the gizzards, the heart, and even the skin!

However, when it comes to Teppo, the dishes are rather favorable. Diners can expect to be greeted with beautifully garnished dishes that are simply mouthwatering. Not only that but if you love sushi, you will absolutely love it here too. Their sushi rolls are some of the best that Dallas has to offer. In fact, the sushi rolls here are some of the best Chinese dishes that you need to try.

Lastly, if you are looking for the perfect place for a night out, Teppo certainly delivers. Teppo's upscale and charming atmosphere is one that welcomes diners who are looking for an unforgettable experience. Be sure not to miss out on what many consider to be one of the best restaurants in Dallas.

8. Al Biernat’s

best restaurants in Dallas - Al Biernat’s

Credit: ​Al Biernat's

Put on your fancy pants and make your way over to Al Biernat’s for a great meal. Al Biernat’s is one of the best restaurants in Dallas for so many reasons. For starters, the atmosphere here is simply elegant and astounding. Not only that, but you do not have to break the bank to dine like a king.

When you first arrived, you are likely to be greeted by Brad Fuller. Brad Fuller is the restaurant's directors of operation. He is also the main guy that you will encounter at the start of your memorable visit here. Mr. Fuller provides exceptional quality service that will have you feeling like you are right at home.

When it comes to the menu, you are sure to love it as well. The menu is dotted with popular dishes that easily double up as comfort food.  One feature that makes their menu simply irresistible is the fact that many of their ingredients are sourced from local farms. The freshness does not stop there, when it comes to the seafood, you can rest assured knowing that it was flown in as well. This ensures that its taste and quality is like no other.

While there are so many popular dishes that you should try, there are several that you should absolutely not ignore as well. One of the most popular dishes that is a popular fan favorite is the steak. The steak served here is locally sourced and is cooked perfectly to your liking. Other dishes that always hit the spot also include the cowboy cut ribeye and the delectable lobster risotto.

To wrap things up, do not forget to try out some of the tasty desserts served here. Al Biernat’s is well known for their popular coconut cream pie. Pair your coconut cream pie with a steaming cup of coffee is one of the best ways to truly savor your meal here. Whether you are traveling alone or traveling with a group, this is certainly a location that you do not want to miss out on. When you stop by, you will easily recognize why it is one of the best restaurants in Dallas.

9. Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

best restaurants in Dallas - Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

Credit: Pappas Bros. Steakhouse / Facebook

When it comes to some of the juiciest steaks in all of Texas, this is one of the best restaurants in Dallas, Texas that you should not ignore. The popular Pappas Bros. Steakhouse is a crowd pleaser for any type of traveler. If you ask any local or visitor, they will tell you that this is the place to go. From the overall atmosphere to the food, you are sure to love it.

When it comes to the history behind this steakhouse, we are sure that you will be impressed. This family run business was first established in 1897. During that year, founder H.D. Pappas had the passion, vision, and dedication for an establishment that valued not only great food but great service too. His passion for quality food and exceptional service is what gave birth to this fantastic steakhouse that calls Dallas home. The attention to detail and charm that is entangled in the atmosphere here is one that diners are sure to feel.

When it comes to the food, diners can prepare themselves to expect only the best. One of the favorite dishes that is offered here is the prime filet mignon. The delicate and attention to quality that goes into this meal is simply exceptional. There are other cuts of steak that are sure to please as well. Other favorites include the prime rib, the prime New York strip, and the three pepperoni steak.

If you are not much of a steak lover, no worries. There are so many other popular dishes that you can take advantage sample instead. There are some popular dishes such as the lobster and brioche that is always a crowd pleaser. Other appetizers like the jumbo lump crab cakes are also yummy dishes that you cannot ignore.

Whether you are coming out or for a casual meal or a celebratory evening out, you are sure not to be disappointed. If you are in the mood for some great food and even greater company, then you should not ignore this hotspot. For many, the Pappas Bros Steakhouse is easily one of the best restaurants in Dallas that you must try out.

10. Fachini

best restaurants in Dallas - Fachini

Credit: Fachini

This next destination is another one of the best restaurants in Dallas. It is especially fantastic if you are looking for authentic Italian cuisine to Indulgence. Fachini is known as one of the best Italian restaurants in this metropolitan area. For starters, the location of this restaurant has enabled it to be a popular destination for so many travelers. It is located in one of the most elegant shopping destinations right above Park City. Coupled with its location and fabulous menu, it has been a winner for many time and time again.

When you first enter Fachini, you will quickly be greeted by its charming atmosphere. The restaurant is oozing with Italian charm that will make you feel like you are on a romantic getaway. The atmosphere is heightened thanks to the dimly lit dining room that is accented with white linen tablecloths. For an exquisite evening out, this would certainly be the place to go to.

The head chef Julian Barsotti has crafted a dining experience that is like no other. One of his specialties that has earned him his recognition is his ability to create delectable pasta dishes. In his dishes, diners can expect to find influences of his roots from both Sicily and New Orleans.

Some of his fabulous dishes include the spicy olive salad that is served alongside delectable garlic bread at the start of every meal. Other popular dishes you should try out include the hundred layer lasagna and the rigatoni alla vodka. Whether you choose to order a side of spicy broccoli or hearty meatballs, you will not have made the wrong choice. Every dish that lines the menu is one that is carefully thought out and crafted to meet the standards of every diner.

For a romantic evening out, Fachini is one of the best restaurants in Dallas to stop by. From the atmosphere alone to its sought after menu, you are certain not to be disappointed.

11. Gemma

best restaurants in Dallas - Gemma

Credit: Gemma

This next location is as close a definition to the popular phrase “a hidden gem”. Everything about Gemma makes it one of the best restaurants in Dallas hands down. From its quaint atmosphere to its ambitious menu, diners come here time and time again. It is no wonder why. The service and food here is so great.

Gemma is actually located in the center of a shopping strip on Henderson Avenue. Once you find your way over to it, you will be pleasantly surprised when you enter. The vivacious blue and white decor beckons a calm feeling of peace when you step foot here. However, this serene atmosphere is somewhat of a Stark contrast to their outgoing menu that is waiting for you.

Diners can expect to feast on some really great dishes here. However, many of these dishes are rather out of the ordinary. For example, the Texas quail is a dish that is worth the risk. Once you get over the name, you are sure to find it to be one of the most intriguing dishes you have tried. The baked oyster is another tasty dish to go with as well. If you would rather play it safe and aim for some comfort food instead, no worries. The windy meadows brick chicken is a great option to go with. Especially if you do not like to venture out of your comfort zone.

Depending on when you visit, you are sure to find seasonal sides as well. Some favorite seasonal side dishes that visitors love include the crispy squash blooms and the Tomato Tarts. Whatever did you decide to settle on, you are sure to fall in love. Gemma is certainly one of the best restaurants in Dallas that deserves more credit.

12. Bullion

best restaurants in Dallas - Bullion

Credit: Bullion / Facebook

Fine dining has never been as accessible as it is today. One reason for this accessibility is thanks to the fabulous restaurant, Bullion. The chef of this popular restaurant is Mr. Bruno Davaillon. Chef Davaillon is a Michelin star rated Chef who has given up his role as one of Dallas's best hotel restaurants. When he gave that role up, he ventured off to create his own restaurant that quickly became one of the city's favorites.

Many would consider Bullion to be one of the best restaurants in Dallas. When you check out the atmosphere and the menu, you are sure to agree as well. The environment of this restaurant is simply elegant. Along the walls, you will find beautiful works of art by Kathryn Andrews and Jeff Elrod. These local artists have helped contribute to the charming atmosphere that is created here. In addition to the local artwork, a modern design is the main theme throughout here at Bullion.

When it comes to the menu, the five star quality continues. The main theme that revolves around the menu is French classic dishes that are simply too good to ignore. Not only are these dishes inspired by French traditional meals, but they are infused with a modern twist that Chef the Valiant is so well known for. Some of the popular dishes that you should try here include the chicken main course. This dish is one that is served with ratatouille and arugula. If you are here during the weekend, then a worthwhile dish to sample is the cotes de boeuf that was romantically made for two. If you have an elegant evening planned out, then Bullion definitely is one of the best restaurants in Dallas to dine out at.

13. The Grape Restaurant

best restaurants in Dallas - Grape Restaurant

Credit: The Grape Restaurant / Facebook

You can find your home away from home at this next best destination. For many, The Grape Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Dallas. Especially if you are feeling a little bit homesick. This is because the atmosphere here is so very down to earth. The Grape Restaurant features a charming environment that will make you feel like you are in your mother's kitchen. The warm colors and yummy smell of comfort food linger enticingly on the walls here.

This popular bistro first opened its doors in 1972. Since then, the husband and wife team Courtney and Brian Luscher have been serving the neighborhood with delicious meals that will fill you right up. If you ask any locals, they will tell you that The Grape Restaurant is the place to be. From a romantic evening out to a casual evening to a quick drop in, The Great Restaurant offers it all.

Once you fall in love with the atmosphere here, all you need to do is crack open the menu to fall in love with it too. The menu features some of the best dishes that you could want when you are feeling a little homesick. For example, their mushroom soup is a heartwarming dish that is perfect for sipping on during the cold day. Along with that, the bistro steak frites have the perfect consistency of crunch and flavor.

If you are looking for a little more protein, then the braised lamb tartines and the dry rub Texas redfish and cornmeal grilled rainbow trout have plenty to offer.  If you are looking for something a little more mainstream, then opting for the roasted natural chicken with lemon garlic jus is an option that never fails.

From  Yukon Gold potatoes to oven dry tomatoes, The Grape Restaurant offers at all. You will never find comfort food that is as thoughtfully put together then at The Grape Restaurant. Be sure not to leave it off your list of the best restaurants in Dallas the next time you plan your trip down here.

Final Thoughts

Traveling through any city requires that you take some time to enjoy the culture that dominates it. One of the best ways to get a sense of a city's culture is by going out and exploring its food scene. If you stop by any of these restaurants, you will be able to do just that. Each of these best Resturants in Dallas all bring something unique to the table that you can not ignore. If you find yourself planning a trip down here sometime soon, keep this list handy. Pop into any one of these best restaurants in Dallas and we are sure you will not be disappointed.

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