Stay tuned for a traveler’s guide to navigating hectic holiday flights.

It’s that wonderful time of year yet again. For most people, the impending winter months bring with them fond memories. We reminisce about years before and look forward to gathering with those we love the most. As Thanksgiving approaches, we can almost taste the turkey and pumpkin pie from home. Amidst all of this blissful celebration, traveling during this time of year is anything but that. It’s not uncommon to dread stepping foot into an airport around the holidays. Thanks to Google Flights, we have the scoop on the do’s and don’t of holiday travel this season.

Google announces the busiest days to fly this Thanksgiving.

November 17, 22, or 26 are predicted to be the most hectic this year. When booking your trip home, avoid these travel dates if you can. You will thank yourself later. Now is the best time to begin making a game plan for Thanksgiving travel. Keep in mind that larger airports such as New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and Boston will be the busiest. If there is an alternative airport nearby, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to fly there instead.

Here are some other travel tips to ensure a pleasurable holiday flight experience.

You don’t have to book the first flight you find. Shop around to other travel sites to find the best deal. Keep an eye on any potential flight delays. With the influx of travelers, flight delays are more likely. The weather can also be a potential hindrance to smooth flight schedules. If you can, book a flight for early or late in the day. Most travelers are sleeping during these hours, so the airport won’t be as busy. Lastly, schedule your holiday flights as soon as you can. Prices will jump drastically and increase beginning November 1.

With the right preparation and knowledge, holiday travel doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Keep these tips in mind next month as you head home for some homemade pumpkin pie.

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