It may be August, but the summer travel deals are far from over.

What better way to commemorate summer’s end than with an epic trip? Just because fall is on the horizon doesn’t mean the traveling has to stop just yet. There happen to be numerous travel deals and promotions going on right now. Plan a last minute trip in the late summer to take full advantage of the unusually low prices. Many airlines are jumping aboard this end of summer travel promotion campaign, so it is not difficult to find deals if you look. Primera Airlines is no exception. Check out their latest travel offerings and book your next trip soon.

Catch a flight to London for less than $100.

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Primera Airlines’ latest deal is too good to pass up. This Latvian airline is catching travelers’ eyes with their insanely low prices during their most recent travel sale. Their current end of summer flight offerings includes a number of cheap tickets to European cities such as Paris and London.

These flight prices vary per day, but if you book at the right time, these flights are as low as $69. This $69 is currently flying to London out of Boston on August 27th. September is also full of low fares for flying to London, with flights well under $200 one-way. This is pretty insane if you think about it. Most flights to Europe from the United States are nearly $1,000. Primera’s sale just might literally be your ticket to visit Europe this summer.

This deal is certainly worth considering. If you have the funds and flexibility, snagging a $69 flight to London is an ideal choice. Book your flight to London today and enjoy a visit to Europe before the impending school year and colder weather set in.

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