Relief is on the way for those weary economy class airline travelers.

The age-old shrinking airline seat space conundrum has tormented travelers for long enough. Let's face it, when traveling economy class or on a no-frills budget airline, the seating space is entirely underwhelming. That dreaded middle seat often only adds to the anxiety of facing an uncomfortable flight. Once you add in other travelers and their belongings, it's game over. But there is hope on the horizon for air travelers everywhere. Congress is considering a new bill that could regulate airline seat size.

Save your seat, and your sanity, with this new bill.

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This past weekend, Congress presented a bill addressing current airline issues. The 1,204-page document covered a variety of topics, including the regulation of airplane seat sizes. This new bill protects future seating shrinkage by enforcing an established seat size. Coinciding with the “Seat Egress in Air Travel (SEAT) Act,” the bill states that the Federal Aviation Administration would have one year to determine a standard seat space.

It is no secret that airlines take advantage of every spare bit of space within the plane, often at the expense of traveler comfortability. Previously, airlines offered an average of 34 inches of seating space, but this is less common these days. Most economy class seating options only provide 30 inches of pitch, with some even dropping as low as 27 inches. While you might get a leg cramp just reading this, rest assured that the issue does not go unnoticed by Congress.

While this bill gives hope to the future of air travel comfort, nothing is guaranteed just yet. Congress is still working on the logistics of this possibility. Keep your eyes open for the latest updates regarding airline seating space.

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