Traveler Tip: Avoid layovers at all costs.

Whether you are a weathered traveler, or rarely step foot in an airport, we are sure you have endured the hassle of dealing with a layover. The long hours of waiting for a connecting flight, while simultaneously hoping for no delays, are less than desirable experiences. Most flyers are willing to pay more if they can ensure that their flight will be direct. Direct flights are ideal, especially for in-country travel. Thankfully the many online travel platforms provide an easy way to navigate flight selections and to get the most for your dollar. Airlines are continually seeking new ways of expanding their offerings and simplifying the travel experience. American Airlines has recently announced their newest routes for the coming year, moreover, they will maximize your travel convenience.

Nonstop routes are within reach, thanks to American Airlines.

This Wednesday, American Airlines publicized their strategies for 2018 flight offerings. This plan is set to include more direct flights between Philadelphia and four major Midwest and Texas cities. These routes will save you time and energy of course, as you can get off your first plane at your destination.

According to airport officials, beginning February 15, one new course will depart daily from Fort Worth to Philadelphia at 7:35 am. At 9:31 pm, the airline is on the schedule to return to San Antonio, Texas. Other notable routes include flights starting May 4 to Madison, Wisconsin; Des Moines, Iowa; and Omaha, Nebraska.

Beginning in March, there will additionally be a daily cross-country flight from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. This route will increase travel convenience between the coasts. Travelling across the nation can be done in several hours, as opposed to an entire day of travel. This route will arrive at the LAX airport additionally in time for all European connecting flights.

Check back to American Airlines's website to look for an upcoming direct flight route nearest you.

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