Experience the magic of Ireland.

Ireland is an enchanting land tucked away within the British Isles. It’s natural beauty and grandeur makes for a delightful travel experience. The majestic Cliffs of Moher are Ireland’s top-visited attraction, towering nearly 1,000-ft above the sea. The whimsical Dark Hedges features a tunnel of intertwining trees that date back to the 18-century. No matter where you go, there is somewhere new to explore. It’s not a surprise that one of Ireland’s best spots made the list of top 2018 places to travel.

Causeway Coast - Cliffs of Moher

Ireland’s Causeway Coast will take your breath away.

Causeway Coast is a true gem of Northern Ireland. Dotted with towering cliffs, deep forests, and exotic beachfront, you will find a little of everything here. Causeway stretches from the beginning the Foyle in the West, to the Eastern Glendun River over an expanse of 30 miles. Millions of travelers visit here each year to enjoy this integral part of Ireland’s history.

Within the Causeway Coast, you will find one of their most popular tourist destinations. Giant’s Causeway is a vast collection of stair-like rocks, shaped by cooled lava thousands of years ago. This unique attraction is hard to miss as you make the trek along the coast.

One of the best ways to view the coast is by driving. The Causeway Coastal Route offers nine different options to do just that. Glenshesk, Blemish, Glendun, and Torr Head are a few routes you can take to enjoy the scenic view. These roadways will take you on a wondrous trek through a large variety of terrain. Enjoy the rolling hills and vibrant green valleys as you ride along Ireland’s coast next year.

Take the journey to Causeway Coast and leave with memories of the natural beauty beheld here.

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