Ride the rails this season with style, and savings.

Taking the train to your destination might seem like a slower travel approach, but it is also rewarding. Imagine relaxing in your comfortable train seat this winter. You are sipping a cup of hot coffee and mulling over a book as the lovely snow-covered landscape passes by. Train travel is a much more relaxing way to get to where you are going. The extra seating space and baggage allowance is pretty nice too. Fortunately, not only do you minimalize stress when you travel via rail, but you can also save big. Amtrak just announced their newest travel sale, where travelers can score a train ticket for as little as $13.

The Amtrak Across America sale guarantees you the lowest priced train ticket.

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This Amtrak Across America sale aims to please, with deals on a number of highly popular train routes. From today through 12:00AM on Friday, October 12, travelers can snag a train ticket for up to 30 percent off the original pricing. Their current ticket offerings are all under $100 one-way for any select destination. Some of these tickets drop as low as $13, so this is a sale you won’t want to miss. From making your way up the vibrant Pacific Coastline to booking a train ticket for a big city like Denver or Atlanta, Amtrak has just the route for you.

These sale prices apply to trips taken between November 22, 2018 and May 22, 2019. Book your trip within the next day to ensure that you get just the price you want. The stress of travel is soon to be a thing of the past once you try out train travel. Enjoy the travel freedom and peace of mind that comes with riding the rails this winter.

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