The newest addition to Eurostar’s extensive rail network is a game changer.

It is no secret that Europe’s high-class train travel is one of the best in the world. The affordability and accessibility make it an ideal mode of transportation. With a train pass, travelers can get almost anywhere in the continent. Eurostar’s ever-expanding system make the most popular destinations increasingly reachable. Their most anticipated latest route addition just launched this week.

Ride the rails from London to Amsterdam with Eurostar.

Eurostar’s newest route bridges the gap between these two major cities. Your travel between London and Amsterdam is about to get a lot simpler. This train route crosses the English Channel and makes just two stops at Brussels and Rotterdam en route to Amsterdam.

This particular route departs twice a day on weekdays, once at 8:31am and then at 5:31pm. This is ideal if you are commuting to a job in the city. The route also runs once a day on Saturdays and Sundays.

You can choose from three classes of service, depending on your travel style. The standard class is GBP£35 ($50 USD) and includes two large pieces of luggage and one carry on bag. For £79 ($114 USD), Standard Premier class earns you more seating room and meals. If you’re used to a life of luxury, then Business Premier class is for you. At £260 ($374), travelers receive quality meals, complete with wine, not to mention lounge access, concierge, and taxi services. You can also bring up to three pieces of luggage with you while traveling.

It’s not every day that such a convenient route like this comes around. Book your tickets soon for a chance to ride the rails from the iconic city of London to bustling Amsterdam.

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