Here is a quick tip to aid with the adventure of navigating London’s public transportation.

Thanks to London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan, over 100 million people have used the new Hopper ticket this past year. This innovative proposal is revolutionizing travel in this city. Beginning in September of 2016, passengers were permitted to purchase a single trip ticket and transfer to another bus or tram at no additional charge within the hour. While £1.50 may seem like minimal savings, this quickly adds up with each additional trip. With its increased affordability, many lower income individuals are benefiting greatly from this initiative.

If you have ever traveled to a large city, you are well aware of the stresses that can come with using public transportation. As a visitor, it can be a challenge to navigate the ins and outs of purchasing day passes or single trip tickets. It can feel redundant to purchase a day pass when you only have a couple of stops to make. The Hopper ticket lessens the cost of a journey of a couple of stops. You can pay a single fee to make multiple stops within the hour.

This ticket will benefit London residents and visitors alike.

Whether you are commuting to work, visiting long-term, or simply touring the city, your transportation fees will be less. Incentives like this are encouraging people to continue to use public transportation and other alternative methods of travel. Navigating a vehicle in the city comes with numerous hassles. Especially as a visitor here, the Hopper pass provides a much more accessible and affordable transportation option.

Mayor Sadiq Khan’s vision for 2018 is to include train trips with the Hopper pass. This will provide increased savings for patrons benefiting from the public transportation system.

If you are planning a trip to London, keep the Hopper ticket in mind during your travels.

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