Asia is the largest and most populous continent on the planet.

There is much to discover within this great land. The culture and history of Asia are unlike anywhere else in the world. Here you can visit the iconic 17th century Taj Mahal in India. Travel to China to see the Forbidden City, a Ming dynasty Chinese imperial palace. There is an adventure to discover here no matter where you find yourself. An advantage to traveling in Asia is the affordability of traveling expenses. Many hostels can be found here with rates beginning at $3-10 per night. Vietnam is a particularly affordable nation to visit.

Popular American business magazine Forbes voted Vietnam as one of the 30 cheapest places to travel in 2018.

Vietnam sits along the South China Sea, next to Cambodia. Its layered emerald rice fields and magical beaches make this a place you will not want to skip.

Vietnam is known for its delicious culinary variety. The affordable prices for food make the deal even more delicious. For only $20 you can join the Hanoi street food tour. Wander through the markets and alleyways to truly experience the local chow. If you’re lucky, you will learn to pronounce the dish names like a native.

Some of the greatest things in life are free. This quote is indeed true when it comes to the natural wonders within Vietnam. The busy cities of Hohn Chi Mihn and Hanoi are indeed enticing, but nothing beats the beauty of the earth.

Travel to the Fansipan Mountain, the greatest elevation in Indochina. Climb to the top and watch the mist settle over the vast horizon.

If Fansipan is too high for you, make a trek around the illustrious Marble Mountains. These rolling marble and limestone hills are chalk full of historic temples, caves, and spectacular views.

Travel to Phú Quốc if you need a true getaway. This Vietnamese island is found in the Gulf of Thailand. Here you can trek through tropical jungles and relax on its white-sand beaches.

Head to Vietnam for a taste of Asia at an affordable cost.

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