The ability to travel is an incredible gift in innumerable ways. One way is that it allows us to discover more of the world that we've never seen. Even better than this? Traveling allows us to be with the people we love. Imagine no one had invented planes yet. Man would it take a lot more work to visit our loved ones. However, with every gift comes with a new challenge, and the challenge of travel is that it can be expensive. Whether money is an object for you or not, there are ways to reduce the cost—and who doesn't love saving money? The simplest way to save money on your plane tickets is this: know the cheapest days to fly.

Cheapest Days to Fly

Let me guess: you usually fly on the weekends, say, on Fridays and Sundays. Many of us do, but unfortunately, these are some of the most expensive days to fly. In fact, according to Cheapair, it could cost you an extra $62 just to fly on Sundays. Yikes. This is because everyone is flying on these days. It's the most convenient time to take a trip because it's at the end of your work week or weekend.

Instead, try buying tickets that have you departing and arriving on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Sound like a weird time to be flying? That's because it is, which works in your favor due to less demand. If you're concerned that it will be too disruptive, then plan your schedule around these days in advance! That way, you'll be prepared to devote all of Tuesday or Wednesday to travel.

cheapest days to fly - Scheduled

Other Factors to Consider

While these are the cheapest days to fly, the time of year can affect the price of air tickets as well. One obvious example is the holiday seasons. You can expect ticket prices during the Christmas and Thanksgiving to be pricey no matter what day you choose to fly. The summertime also tends to be more expensive than all other seasons as well (excluding holidays), since this is vacation time for most.

Next time you're planning to travel, save your wallet by remembering the cheapest days to fly.

If you're going to travel during the summer and holiday seasons, try buying your tickets as early as possible. Just make sure book them for one of the cheapest days to fly when purchasing them in advance. Bonus tip: always use airfare comparison tools to ensure you're getting the best deal possible. Some of our favorites are Kayak and Priceline, or you can download an app like Skyscanner.

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