The train system in Europe is one of the world’s best public transportation methods.

The most practical way to travel Europe is to take advantage of the expansive train services. Thousands of tourists and local residents ride the rails every day to reach their destination. Of course with this, it’s always good news to hear about increased travel offerings. Heads up European commuters, this one is for you. On Friday, the popular European rail network Eurostar announced their latest service expansion. Eurostar is launching a direct high-speed train route, traveling between London and Amsterdam.

Will you be one of the first travelers on this route?

With frequent travel between these two major European cities, this route will certainly increase accessibility. Beginning on April 4, 2018, these services open to the public. The designated route leaves St. Pancras International in London and arrives at the Centraal Station of Amsterdam twice daily. The London train departs at 8:31 a.m. and 5:31 p.m. each day.

Eurostar trains

In just three hours and 41 minutes, rail riders transport from London to Amsterdam. Whether for work or for play, the latest Eurostar addition will certainly simplify long distance public transportation. Naturally, with such a significant addition, airline routes may experience associated backlash. Train travel is less of a hassle than flying, so it is likely that many people will opt for the rails over the sky. Additionally, trains are more environmentally conscious than airplanes, with up to 80% less carbon emission. Here train travel is seemingly the smarter choice overall.

Tickets for Eurostar’s newest route go on sale on February 20. Prices begin at £35 ($48) for a one-way ticket. Plan now for the spring and be one of the first to ride from London to Amsterdam. Get ready to simplify your travel experience between countries on your next visit to Europe.

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