Bali is an excellent choice for a vacation destination.

Traveling to exotic lands is always a popular travel option. The chance to lounge on a pristine beachfront in a new country is quite appealing to many people. Places like Madagascar, Chile, and Fiji find themselves among recent travel destination trends. If these sound like somewhere you would visit, you may also like the Indonesian island of Bali. This island nation is quickly rising as a top place to visit. The lush forested volcanic mountain terrain is a distinguishing factor of Bali. In addition to this unique landscape, travelers can enjoy the rice paddy fields, flawless beaches, and exotic coral reefs. If this sounds like your kind of trip, you need to plan the best time to visit Bali.

As you might have noticed, Bali is a beautiful destination. A number of other travelers know this as well, and consequentially, millions of tourists visit Bali each year. If you want to join the hoards, but bypass the crowd, it pays off to do your research. This is the same if you want to travel on a budget. There are certainly times where it is more ideal to visit, depending on your travel preferences. The best time to visit Bali is certainly relative. However, knowing the seasonal climate and popular tourist times of Bali helps when making your travel schedule.

What you need to know when planning the best time to visit Bali.

What is the climate like in Bali?

best time to visit Bali - Climate

If you are picturing Bali as a balmy, tropical destination, you are not far off. Bali lies about eight degrees south of the equator. This close proximity to the equator means you can keep maintaining that warm and humid picture of Bali. This climate is relatively consistent throughout the year, which allows for more flexibility with your travel dates. Generally you can expect a humid and tropical weather experience throughout the majority of Bali. Of course, the country’s array of volcanic terrain means that the higher elevation is a factor to consider. The central mountains in Bali have peaks over 3,000 meters high. Naturally, with the greater altitude, the weather is going to be significantly cooler. If you plan on adventuring or lodging within the volcanoes, then pack accordingly and expect colder weather.

While the general weather experience within Bali is somewhat consistent throughout the year, the country does experience dry and rainy seasons. Of course, the best time to visit Bali hinges on what these seasons bring. The dry season often has more days of sun, which draws a greater number of visitors. During this time, it is easier to partake in the numerous outdoor excursions throughout the island. Such activities include motorbiking, hiking, and lounging on the beach. Any of these activities are easy to do here. The dry season typically runs from May to September each year, correspondingly the most popular times to travel. However, it stands to note that even though the weather is typically less soggy during these months, you should prepare yourself for the occasional spontaneous rainstorm. It’s certainly not coincidence that the island stays green year-round.

The rainy season period refers to the monsoon climate during a majority of the year in Bali. Don’t let the term monsoon intimidate you, however. While it certainly is wetter during these times, keep in mind that “monsoon” is referring to the wind, not the rain. The rainy season runs from October to April each year. Even though many people do not prefer to visit Bali during the rainy season, it helps to know that it does not rain nonstop for six months straight. Generally, during the rainy season you can still encounter sunny days for the majority of the day. If you plan to visit Bali between the months of October and April, you should be sure to prepare your outfits accordingly. There is a good chance you will get wet.

The most popular times to visit Bali.

As we noted, millions of travelers find their way to Bali annually. The secret is out, this is a cool place to visit. If you are trying to avoid the crowds, then you should know when are the most popular times to visit Bali throughout the year. In addition to the rainy and dry seasons, Bali is also characterized by a high and a low season. These terms correlate with the influx of tourists and activity on the island. Unsurprisingly, the rainy and dry seasons and high and low seasons line up generally.

The high season operates during the summer months of July and August. During these times you can expect the largest influx of travelers on the island. Additionally, there is also a spike in high season trends during Easter holidays, Christmas, and New Year. Though this is during the rainy season, the holidays remain a popular time to visit the island. Obviously, the reason that the summer high season exists is because these truly are the best temperatures you could ask for.

The low season in Bali is correspondingly during the annual wet and rainy conditions. The “green” season certainly has its drawbacks for the island’s tourism. These less popular times do have perks however, as the air is cleaner and the roads are clearer. Some of the major tourist attractions are usually less crowded during the low season, so you don’t have to push your way through hoards of people. You also have a great chance of snagging a great hotel upgrade due to the extra space.

When to visit Bali on a budget.

best time to visit Bali - budget

For some, perhaps most travelers, trip dates revolve primarily around the affordability. Traveling on a budget is entirely possible these days, and it simply takes some careful planning and preparation. With this, the best time to visit Bali might mean you need to take your finances into consideration. As with any travel destination, Bali’s prices tend to fluctuate according to the tourist action. The most popular months to visit Bali are during the summer, and of course, the prices are also higher during this time. If you want to save money while bypassing the rainy season, know that this is entirely possible. According to research, the best time to visit Bali is during the months of April, May, early June, and September. These months typically feature more affordable travel costs, which benefits your budget.

During April, May, June, and September, travelers can possibly snag room prices and home rentals for up to 50% cheaper than high season. This significant number certainly makes you want to rethink your travel schedule. It is also helpful to note that October through December feature the cheapest months to fly to Bali. These months are even more affordable than the other low season times. However, the reason for the affordability is that the rainy season is often well underway then. It is potentially worth it to pay a little more in order to maximize the quality of your vacation.

Plan your adventure to this dream destination soon.

It is up to you to decide when the best time to visit Bali is. If you want to save some money and avoid the stress of large crowds, take the chance and visit during the wet season. It is not all bad during these months and you will certainly benefit budget-wise. Plan some trips to trek around the volcanic peaks in the center of the island. Keep in mind that active volcanoes still remain in Bali, so you should pay close attention to advice from the locals concerning this. For those visiting Bali between May and October, start planning your surfing goals now. Ironically, some of the best waves in Bali occur during the dry seasons of the year. Head over to the western side of the peninsula for some incredible surfing waves during your trip here.

With these few simple facts, you just gained so much more knowledge about traveling to Bali. Of course, if you keep the factors of weather and popularity in mind, you can easily plan the best trip to Bali according to your own travel needs. It is helpful to note that it is also easy to venture through Bali on a budget. Some travelers even say that you get by here on just $50 each day. Take advantage of the excellent hostel selection and accessible transportation within the country.

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