European teens are in luck this summer.

For many people, traveling around Europe is a rite of passage. During the summer, backpackers venture across the continent seeking new culture and experiences. European teenagers in particular embrace the opportunity to travel. In the spirit of adventure and just in time for the busiest travel season, the EU is offering an exciting and innovative program for 18 year olds.

The only thing better than traveling Europe is traveling Europe for free.

The European Union is launching big plans this season for the youth around the continent. Thanks to their latest initiative, this summer thousands of teens can travel for free throughout the 28 nation bloc.

The DiscoverEU program is designed to grant 15,000 teens the opportunity to experience Europe this summer. This plan includes free bus, train, ferry, and even plane tickets to destinations across Europe. Young Europeans can venture to places such as Ireland, Italy, Greece, and the United Kingdom at no cost.

DiscoverEU’s objective is to promote the European Union and allow its younger citizens to become more cultured. A statement from the European Commission notes that the offer intends for participants to, “discover the continent's rich cultural heritage, get in touch with other people, learn from other cultures and as such discover what unites Europe.”

Interested teens can apply through the European Youth Portal during a two week period in June 2018. If selected, participants may travel for 30 days and visit up to four new destinations within the European Union.

As this is a ground-breaking plan, it only applies to 15,000 EU teens. However, if the endeavor proves successful, Europeans can expect another round of applications later on in the year.

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