2019 travel trends are shaping up to be pretty great.

Looking forward to the new year means that there is plenty of ways to get your travel on. Travel trends are looking to be more affordable than ever. If you are looking to visit a new destination on a budget this year, then you are in luck. Kayak, a popular travel platform, recently released its 2019 travel hacker guide for the year. This guide included tips and the latest insights on affordable travel in 2019. Such information includes the best time to book flights and trending destinations. Denver, Colorado is reportedly the number one most affordable travel destination for 2019.

Here is what you can look forward to for your Denver trip this year.


Kayak reports that visiting Denver in 2019 can possibly be up to 55 percent more affordable than the previous year. This up and coming urban destination is quickly gaining national attention as a top place to visit and live. As a city of young professionals, Denver has its fair share of start-up businesses. The developing downtown scene includes a number of breweries and bars to enjoy. One of the best parts about Denver is its close proximity to a variety of other places. You are only a half hour drive from the mountains when you are in downtown Denver. Additionally, nearby cities such as Breckenridge, Boulder, and Colorado Springs are also very close.

Denver has plenty of free activities you can check out during your time here. Check out the museums and cafes, or just stroll through this picturesque city. Kayak recommends booking your flights for Denver or any other destinations at least one month in advance in order to get the best deal. A trip to Denver is a sure way to improve your 2019 travel game.

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