Another large airlines adds Iceland to their list of flight destinations.

Iceland is an incredible country, known for its beautiful landscape and optimal viewing of the northern lights. With numerous winter and summer activities, Iceland has much to offer for year round travel. This nation is quickly gaining traction in the travel world. More and more people are visiting here to experience the lagoons, lava fields, and steaming hot springs. Because of the recent influx in Iceland’s tourist industry, many airlines are taking notice and offering flights here. WOW Airlines is one popular no-frill airline that offers numerous flight options, specifically to Iceland and Europe. A newest addition to Iceland’s airports is American Airlines.

American Airlines - Fly to iceland

American Airlines joins Iceland’s travel industry.

Beginning in 2018, American Airlines is offering seasonal flight service to Iceland. The airline route goes from Dallas Fort Worth Airport to the Keflavík International Airport in Reykjavik. From June through October, travelers can use American Airline’s services to travel to Iceland. This is the peak travel season for Iceland, because of the warm weather and extended daylight hours. Often sunlight lasts up to 24 hours during the summer climax. Visit the land of the midnight sun for a surreal experience.

Now you can plan your next adventure to an incredible destination thanks to American Airlines. Starting on Monday, November 20, you can book your American Airlines flight from Dallas Fort Worth Airport to Reykjavik’s Keflavík International Airport.

Travel to Iceland in the next year and join the thousands of people who have enjoyed the scenic country. Climb Iceland’s massive glaciers and volcanoes in places like Vatnajökull National Park. While exploring the great outdoors, enjoy the vibrant blue lagoon, a favorite tourist spot. You can also stroll through Reykjavik, Iceland’s cultured capital city.

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