Iceland is a trending topic in this year’s travel world.

If you feel that you have seen more and more pictures from this wintery island, you’re right. It seems that people can’t get enough of Iceland’s vibrant blue lagoon and optimal positioning to view the Northern Lights. Despite the frigid temperatures, travelers flock to Iceland year round to get a taste of the enchanting world found here.

According to the European Travel Commission, Iceland’s tourism has grown immensely within the last five years. Just this past winter alone, moreover travelers increased by 54%. With the recent increase of airline flight offerings, Iceland accessibility has never been easier. More and more travelers of course enjoy the delight of stopping halfway between their United States and Europe trip for an Iceland layover. The array of airline ensures that you’ll snag a great deal for an Iceland trip.

Iceland Travel

After you catch the Northern Lights, here are some other great Icelandic attractions.

Skaftafell, one of Iceland’s national parks, is famous for its vast volcanic peaks and frigid glaciers. Visit the iconic Svartifoss waterfall to watch the water rush over the organ-like rock formations.

Iceland offers recreation for both indoor and outdoor oriented travelers. The capital, Reykjavik, touts vibrant colored buildings and offers a key to Iceland’s Viking past. The fun doesn’t stop here after the sun goes down. Reykjavik’s compact center is known for their expanse of energetic nightclubs and bars to enjoy.

The spectacular Jökulsárlón seems to be a life-size jewelry box. This glacial lagoon shimmers with its array of glistening icebergs surrounded by a sea of blue. Jökulsárlón’s black sand beaches offer a stark contrast to the bright waters, creating a pure visual delight.

Will you join the 2018 travel trends and venture to Iceland this year? See for yourself what all the hype is about for this Arctic island destination.

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