Work travel often racks up the expenses – making it good for the employee, but not so much for the employer.

When taking a work trip, you’re likely naturally inclined to spend a little more when you’re not stuck with the bill. Most employees tend to splurge during company travel times, as it’s nice to have expenses covered. However, many companies have recently reevaluated their travel budgets in an effort to save money. A number of start-up businesses have formed to encourage employees with incentives to travel for less. These offerings include cash and various gift cards. However, there’s a new business on the scene, and they’re taking company travel rewards to the next level.

This latest start-up is raising the bar with employee incentives.

Sure, a gift card is a nice reward, but how about credit towards your next vacation instead? TripActions is the most well capitalized endeavor in this field, recently earning $51 million in funding. Ariel Cohen, CEO of TripActions, has a vision to revolutionize the future of employee travel programs.


The company’s platform offers a system for travel booking, where you can search for the latest deals. They’re confident in their vast search options, with the company cofounder noting, “If they don’t see it in our system, it doesn’t exist.” Here you can locate the best prices for flights and hotels during your trip. TripAction’s 24 hour customer support also ensures that you will have the help you need.

Now for the best part. If you use TripAction’s software and end up saving on travel costs, you get rewards. These range from Amazon gift cards to credit towards your own personal vacation.

Take advantage of TripAction’s platform when booking your next work trip and start earning credit towards that dream trip you’ve wanted to take.

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