Google Travel simplifies your travel planning experience.

With so much content on the Internet these days, it can be overwhelming when booking travel plans. Helpful sites and travel tools often serve as an aid when navigating through the vast selection. Google Travel is quickly becoming the handiest option for this process. The site provides travelers with the hottest travel information, from hotel booking to flight searches.

The Google Travel’s addition of Google Flights recently rocked the travel world. Its easy search engine and simple navigation methods make it a go-to preference for those looking for the best flights. Google Flights’ advanced intel allows travelers to see a variety of flight options as well as compare the flight prices of surrounding destinations. This feature is just one part of Google Travel’s wide platform of travel information.

Google Travel - AccessoryGoogle Travel just got a makeover.

As this technology rises in popularity among travelers, it’s about to get even cooler. Google Travel just launched their latest upgrade, with mobile phones in mind. Over the past few weeks, Google Travel added new features to their already advanced technology. Users can expect perks such as Bluetooth language translation, automatic itinerary managing, flight-delay intel, trip planning from your phone, and much more. All of these features are completely free, and accessible from your smartphone for on the go trip assistance.

When navigating the new updates, look for the four separate categories in the search bar. Options include: Explore, Flights, Hotels, and Your Trips. As a single platform, travelers only have to input their travel information one time to see results for everything. You can now search for flights and hotels simultaneously, without having to perform the same search multiple times.

Take advantage of this highly advanced travel search technology when booking your next trip. Google Travel is here to simplify your travel experience.

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