That professional traveler job may not be as out of reach as you think.

Do you enjoy traveling so much that you think you should get paid for it? While most people never have the opportunity to travel as their job, you just might have the chance. If you consider yourself a well-experienced traveler and are completely open to new adventures, then this job may be what you have been looking for. With this dream travel position, one traveler will get paid to travel throughout Thailand while making their own documentary.

You can travel to Thailand and make your own travel documentary.

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Clearly, the best kind of travel resources offer a down to earth, local perspective for the viewer. Practical tips are best given by someone who has experienced the destination before. This is why the travel company DreamJobbing is seeking to provide just that for the Thailand tourism industry. In collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, DreamJobbing is searching for one special traveler to help create an Amazon Prime documentary video at the beginning of 2019.

What exactly is this video going to entail? Well, you will be the star of course. The person selected for the job will begin an all expense paid trip throughout Thailand, but for the “ultimate local experience.” This means you will certainly not be taking the road less traveled on this trip. As the DreamJobbing film crew follows you around, you will stay with various local people and share your experience with the audience.

If this sounds like the job you have been waiting for, then don't wait. Apply today for the chance to win this rare position. To do so, simply upload a short video (60 seconds or less). Share with DreamJobbing us who you are, your story, and of course why you are the perfect candidate to be The Local Traveler in Thailand. 

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