Looking for a way to up your Smartphone videography game?

Everyone loves to capture the moment, and with Smartphone technology as good as it is these days, this is easier than ever. It is always fun to snap a picture in the moment to keep for later, but taking a video is a way to encapsulate a memory. Videos are exciting methods you can use to record that special birthday song or record a music performance. Popular on social media stories and posts, videos are slightly more interactive and give the feel of actually being there. With all this in mind, you might want to expand your video editing repertoire. There are some neat apps out there to download onto your Smartphone and start making movie magic. No matter your personal editing style, you are sure to find just what you need to edit that perfect video. Here we have a few of our favorite video editing apps for iPhone.

Check out these top 6 video editing apps for iPhone.

1. iMovie

If you own an iPhone, you don’t really have to do much to get your hands on this app. Apple’s very own built-in technology gives you the chance to start editing videos right away. This simple interface is ideal for an easy video edit. iMovie is the perfect way to turn a basic video into a masterpiece. If you like to make fun family videos funny compilations to share on social media, iMovie is an ideal way to do just that. This app easily lets you cut video length and incorporate transitions into the final product. You can even incorporate filters into the video for an added effect. Do yourself a favor and check out this exciting Apple program.

2. Clips

video editing apps for iPhone - Clips

This app is a pretty fun one. It's easy to navigate layout lets you compile some of your favorite images and videos to create a masterpiece. All of the exciting options all make it one of those must-have video editing apps for iPhone. You can record a video segment straight on the app if you like, or simply add in a previously recorded video. Next, Clips offers some creative filters that you can add to the project for an extra fun touch. Use some of the extra extravagant options and have an over dramatized video to share for some laughs. Don’t let video editing intimidate you, Clips is the ideal option for those beginner filmmakers. You might be surprised at just how fun it can be.

3. Splice

As GoPro’s very own video editing software, of course Splice is fully equipped to meet all of your videography needs. If you are trying to “Splice” up your video resources, this is a great creative app that you need. Splice is really good for making specific compilations for videos. It is also quite innovative with its social media sharing options. You might have a recording that you want to draw out specific highlights from. With Splice all you have to do is mark which parts of the video you want to include in the finished product. Once you make your final selections and add music, then Splice combines everything that you want. Of course, you have the option to further crop the video length and incorporate some text or special features. Now that your amazing video is complete, you can share it to any social media platform, straight from the app.

4. Cameo

video editing apps for iPhone - Cameo

Cameo is a fun video editing app designed by Vimeo, a popular video sharing website. Of course these guys seem to know their stuff when it comes to quality video content. This app lets you apply basic video edits to add the finishing touches to your already amazing video. Its fun buttons help simplify the editing process. Click the scissors for a quick crop job, the music note to add in the soundtrack, or the color button for some great filters. Of course Cameo is connected to Vimeo, so if you have an account, you can simply share your video on Vimeo after it is ready. If you are looking for a good platform to share your content, or to connect with some fellow creatives, Vimeo is an excellent means to do so.

5. Video Crop

Did you capture that perfect song during a music performance, but were just a bit too far away for the best effect? Maybe you recorded a dance number, but there are a lot of other people that you really didn’t want in the video. You might be thinking that there is no way to crop a video, as it is different from a picture. Fortunately, there is an app for that. Video Crop is just what you need to narrow down that video you took. Its navigation and layout are quite similar to any photo editing software. This is the same when it comes to actually cropping the picture. There is no limit on size here. Video Crop lets you either choose from a selection of pre-measured crops, or add in a custom ratio. It all depends on your personal preference for your video. After it is cropped just right, simply save it back to your camera roll. From here, you can post it, or go on to make further edits.

6. Magisto

video editing apps for iPhone - Magisto

As its name suggests, Magisto lets you create movie magic right on your Smartphone. Certainly a great option for video editing apps for iPhone, this app is as simple as it is creative. You don’t have to worry about dealing with numerous options and complicated editing techniques with Magisto. All you have to do is import your video of choice, and then proceed to select a theme for this video. There are quite a few fun themes to experiment with, and each adds an exciting touch to your movie. Next, you select the music you want, which is the soundtrack for the video. Finish up by designating the length of time for the movie and then piecing it all together.

This high tech video creation technology is also geared towards all business professionals. If you have a career or are trying to market yourself and need to create a professional video to share, then Magisto is just what you need. Use the easy filming and editing process to create the perfect video. Their website also has some helpful tips to aid in making the most of the app’s resources. Check out their simple guide to creating and sharing your video for the utmost reception and positive response.

A perk of using Magisto is that you don’t have to do anything else after this for the editing process. Once you choose from the options, Magisto then creates the video for you and sends a notification when it is completed. Sit back and wait to watch your latest exciting personal movie.

Download these video editing apps for iPhone for an amazing memory creation.

Now that you captured the moment, it is time to edit it. If you download any one of these apps, you are sure to enjoy the creative license of them. Each option here lets you channel your unique creativity in the form of videography. Choose from the endless options of video editing apps for iPhone that make for the best video yet. Once you make your video, make sure you go out there and make some more memories. Amidst all of the creativity and excitement, don’t forget that creating a video should not be nearly as fun as it was to experience the moment in the first place. Keep looking for opportunities to live life to its fullest and make the most of each and every second. Of course, those special snippets you capture along the way also make for excellent video content later.

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