Save more on your future travels with Alaska Airlines’ latest sale.

Looking for a way to stack up the airline miles for summer travel? Alaska Airlines has just the promotion you have been looking for. With vacation season upon us, now is the time to start taking advantage of airline discounts. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to save money when booking your next flight. Alaska Airlines is currently giving thousands of travel miles away to those who participate in their promotion.

You can earn up to 110,000 miles through Alaska Airlines.

Over the next few weeks, Alaska Airlines is hosting a series of giveaways. The prize, of course, is extra miles to add to your travel repertoire. With such an easy sign up, it makes sense to try your hand at a little extra airline savings.

Giveaway Travel

To enter the contest, you must first join Alaska Airline’s Club 49 to start adding up the miles. Club 49 is an exclusive part of Alaska Airline’s membership program. Some perks include two free checked bags and various travel discounts. Once they join, travelers then should visit and “like” the Club 49 Facebook page. After that, sit back and wait to see who wins.

There is going to be a winner announced weekly for the next four weeks. Each week the prize gets a little bigger: Week 1: 20,000 miles, Week 2: 30,000 miles, Week 3: 40,000 miles, Week 4: 50,000 miles, and Week 5: 110,000 miles. On Friday, June 29, Alaska Airlines plans to reveal the grand prize winner of the astonishing 110,000 airline miles.

Even if you don’t win this one, be sure to check out Alaska Airlines’ current flight deals. Right now they are offering domestic flights for as low as $45 one-way to select locations.

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