Find the best Bluetooth tracker for your needs this travel season. 

We have all been there. You are getting ready to paint the town red, so you reach out to grab your keys. But then suddenly, you realize you have no idea where you placed them last. Retracing your steps do not help, and you do not remember the last time you had them. If you are traveling or are always on the go, then losing your keys can be one of the most unnecessary obstacles throughout the course of your day. While we can not guarantee that this will ever be completely eliminated, there is some good news. Having the best Bluetooth tracker can make a world of a difference.

Travel gadgets continue making the life of every traveler that much more easier. One of the game changing travel gadgets that many travelers love is a good Bluetooth tracker. Today we are going to take an in depth look at three of the best Bluetooth trackers on the market right now. Having the best Bluetooth tracker on your items can be one of the best ways to help ease some of your travel pains. Especially if you are as forgetful as I am!

What Is a Bluetooth Tracker?

A Bluetooth tracker is an ingenious invention that should have been around a lot sooner. Simply put, a Bluetooth tracker is a small device that you attach to anything important that you may be afraid of losing. Most common objects that Bluetooth trackers are attached to include phones, wallets, and purses. Using Bluetooth technology, you can activate your Bluetooth tracker so that you can locate the device that it is attached to with ease.

How Do Bluetooth Trackers Work? 

There are several ways Bluetooth trackers work. The most common way is through an application. Using your smartphone or other device, you can log into your account and activate a noise that will emit from your Bluetooth tracker. There are other ways of tracking such as the traditional method of using two trackers. One tracker act as the activator. And the other acts as the device the will receive the signal. To use this type of tracker, you simply keep hold of one tracker. Then, you will need to attach the other onto your important object.

Are Bluetooth Trackers Expensive?

Surprisingly, Bluetooth trackers are rather affordable. You can find one of the best Bluetooth trackers for as little as 30 bucks. Of course, the price does depend on the type of Bluetooth tracker that you purchased. Different factors can affect the price of a Bluetooth tracker. For example, distance plays a key role. For many Bluetooth trackers, you can only be so many feet away from your device in order for it to work. 

More advanced Bluetooth trackers include neat features such as crowd sharing that will allow users of the same product to help you find your important item. Other factors such as connectivity to performance to additional features, impact how much it will cost you to get your hands on one.

Our Favorite Bluetooth Trackers

Today, we have rounded up some of the best Bluetooth trackers on the market for you. From fashion-forward Bluetooth trackers to inconspicuous Bluetooth trackers,  we have done the digging to bring you the specs of what makes one Bluetooth tracker better than another. Travel around with peace of mind once you have selected the best Bluetooth tracker for your needs. Let's get started.

1. Samsung SmarThings Tracker 

best bluetooth tracker -  Samsung SmarThings

If you are an Android user, then you are sure to find that this next tracker is simply the best Bluetooth tracker to get your hands on. This is especially true if distance is your main concern. What makes this the best Bluetooth tracker is the fact that you will always have a piece of mind with this attached to your belongings. The standout feature on the Samsung SmartThings Bluetooth tracker is also what makes this the best Bluetooth tracker on the market right now. This feature is its GPS capabilities. 

The Samsung SmartThings tracker uses LTE GPS to track your belongings. As long as your tracker is in range of a cell tower, you will be able to locate your misplaced items. When it comes to dependability in terms of the range of tracking, it does not get any better than that. Always stay connected with GPS by your side.


The dependability of the Samsung SmartThings tracker is downright awesome. If you are a traveler who travels with younger children, then this can be a great tool to have. You will simply need to attach this Bluetooth tracker on a backpack, travel tote bag, or smaller item. Then, you can rest easy knowing that you will always be able to locate what it is attached to. Along with that, you can attach this device to your child's backpack or your pet's collar and get constant updates of their location in real time.


When it comes to the durability of the Samsung SmartThings tracker, we are sure you will be impressed. For starters, it is dependable in the fact that you will always be connected. If you are a traveler who spends plenty of time outdoors, then this is for you. Not only is it weatherproof, but it is waterproof too. In fact, it has a weatherproof rating of IP68. This rating will allow your tracker to withstand dust, rain, and spills. 

Although it is waterproof, it should be noted that there are some drawbacks. Although you can go out in virtually any type of environment without worry, you do need to be cautious. Your Samsung SmartThings tracker will not be able to withstand extended periods of time submerged under water. However, from rainy adventures too muddy hikes, your Samsung SmartThings tracker will be up for the task. This durability is what makes it the best Bluetooth tracker on the market.


Another reason the Samsung SmartThings tracker is considered the best Bluetooth tracker is the fact that it has awesome connectivity capabilities. To use the tracker, you will connect with the Samsung SmartThing App. This app will give you a constant feed of where your tracker is. Because the SmartThings tracker is LTE based, you can monitor both inside or outdoors.

Although this tracker was primarily designed for Android devices, iPhone users can make use out of it too. In order to enable this tracker, iPhone users will need to have an up to date device. Currently, devices that support the Samsung SmartThings tracker include iPhone 6 and up well of iOS 11 or later.

When you set up automatic notification alerts, you will have the ability to always stay connected. These alerts can come in handy especially if you are using the tracker with your children. In order for them to send their real time location, they simply need to press the power button twice. But more importantly, if they are in trouble or distress, they can easily send an SOS alert. For parents who like to keep tabs on the activity of their children, this can be a helpful tool.

Another nice feature of the connectivity capabilities is the tracker's Geofencing function.  When you use the Geofencing, you can create specific zones. When your tracker goes either in or out of the designated zones, you will automatically get an alert.

Battery Life

The battery life of this device is rather reasonable. The battery life lasts up to ten days on a single charge. However, it should be noted that this only applies to carefree tracking. If you have other tracking settings enabled, it can affect the life of your battery.

Price Point

When it comes to the price point of the Samsung  SmartThings Bluetooth tracker, it does run up a bit in terms of price. You can expect to spend around 70 bucks for this tracker. Although that is a little pricey,  it is arguably the best Bluetooth tracker that connects with Android users. The only downside to this tracker is the fact that it will not connect to the older Android devices. If you have an older model Android device, there is a possibility that it will be unable to connect. However, if your Android is a 5.0 and up, you will be able to use it with your device.

2. Tile Pro 

best bluetooth tracker - Tile Pro

When it comes to the best Bluetooth tracker, a common brand that pops up time and time again is the Tile brand. Tile has made a name for itself in the industry of Bluetooth tracking technology. And it is no surprise why. Their latest Bluetooth Tracker, the Tile Pro, has been labeled as their best Bluetooth tracker yet. The Tile Pro is arguably one of the best Bluetooth trackers if you are looking for dependability, reliability, distance covered, and battery life.


When it comes to the design of the Tile Pro, simplicity has been key. The Tile Pro comes in two different shades. You can get their standard black Tile or their white Tile. The white Tile Pro is a great option if you are looking for a bit of standout feature. This is because many travelers consider it to be more stylish than the black Tile.

To attach the Tile Pro, you will simply need to use the provided hole. The hole attaches itself conveniently to any key ring or zipper. If you need to attach it any other way, there is an adhesive option too. This adhesive option allows it to be attached directly onto your object of choice. For example, many travelers like to adhesivly attache their Tile Pro to the bottom of their drones. That way, they can always keep track of it.

Two of the standout features of the Tile Pro include its distance covered and volume. The Bluetooth radius of the Tile Pro is 300 ft. This is a generous amount of distance if you have a fairly large area of ground to cover. If you are constantly losing your keys or remote in the house, the Tile Pro can be a convenient option. When it comes to the volume of the Tile Pro, you can easily locate it thanks to the 128 decibels it provides. And with all the Tile products, there are eight ringtone option that you have to choose from.

Battery Life

One of the main distinguishing factors between the Tile Pro and its sister the Tile Sport is the battery capabilities. On the Tile Pro, you have the capabilities of replacing the battery. Meanwhile, on the Tile Sport, you do not have that ability. On the Tile Pro, your battery life is guaranteed for one year once you activate this tracker. The battery life alone is what makes it simply the best Bluetooth tracker around. When the battery does die out, you can replace it yourself without much hassle.


The Tile Pro is wonderful in fact that you can connect it with your smartphone. Using your smartphone, simply download the Tile app for maximum performance. Along with that, when you keep your tile app on and running, it will collect some key data. Data collected includes the last place and the last time that you had your item. This can be essential to helping your backtrack your steps so that you can find your item at all times.

Along with your smartphone, the Tile Pro is compatible with Amazon's Alexa as well as Google Assistant. Simply ask Alexa or Google to ring your phone and it will do so. For travelers who have a smart home, using Alexa and Google can be super helpful.

Another cool feature of the Tile Pro is that it offers something called the Community Find. When you activate the Community Find, you are connected to the world's largest lost and found community. While many other Bluetooth trackers have crowd finding features, the Tile’s base is the largest. In fact, the company has sold over 15 million trackers. This gives you a sense of their magnitude. 

Along with that, when you use the Tile app on your smartphone, you will be able to see how many users are around you. The distance your Tile can cover will usually be up to 5 to 6 miles of your current radius. This feature is awesome because when you lose your item, everyone who uses the app within range of your lost item can help you find it. They simply need to update its location, and you will be reunited with your object again. This ability to find a lost object using other users is what makes it the best Bluetooth Tracker on the market right now. 

Finally, a new rollout feature of the Tile Pro has been the Tile Premium. The Tile Premium is a monthly subscription that is Offered at $3 a month or $30 every year. This subscription service is neat in the fact that it offers software and hardware solutions. For example, you'll get a free battery replacement shipped to you every year. 

You can also enjoy a warranty extension from 1 to 3 years. Finally, you will get software features such as enabling your home address so that your object will always find its way back to you. Along with that, you will get unlimited sharing of your Tile's location and reminders if you have left your house without your Tile tethered object. For travelers who like to stay connected at all times, the Tile premium subscription might be a good option to go with.

Price Point

When it comes to the price point of the Tile Pro, you can expect to spend around  $30 for one Tile. If you would like to save a little money, then we suggest going with the two packs of Tiles. The two Tile packs will run you right at $60. For some travelers, this might not be such an attractive price. However, the features offered at this price point make this not only the best Bluetooth tracker, but it is certainly worth the investment. You can keep a sound mind knowing that your most important objects will always be readily located.

3. Tile Mate

best bluetooth tracker - Tile Mate

If you are looking for the original Tile Bluetooth tracker, then the Tile Mate is where you want to start. If you ask any traveler, they will tell you that the Tile Mate is the best Bluetooth tracker available. While the Tile brand continues to expand its products, the Tile mate is certainly still in the running as the brand's best Bluetooth tracker. Click here to take a look at our in depth review of the Tile Mate.


The design of the Tile Mate is rather standard. The Tile Mate comes in an all white design. There are a couple of ways that you can connect your tile mate to your belongings. The first way is through the hole that allows you to easily link it through key rings, camera holes, water bottles, and other smaller objects. There is also an adhesive attachment available in case you need to secure your Tile Mate that way.

The Tile Mate come in several package options. You can purchase single Tile packs as well as the package that includes four Tile Mate packs. It is easy to see why this is considered to be the best Bluetooth tracker. Once you attach the best Bluetooth tracker to your personal belongings, you can rest assured that you will always be able to find them. Lost items can be located within the 150 foot Bluetooth range that the Tile provides. You simply need to ring your Tile and an audible sound will be heard. Although the sound is not as loud as the Tile Pro, you will still be able to locate your belongings with ease.

Battery Life 

The battery life is pretty impressive and is what you would consider being standard from the Tile brand.  You can expect to get a little over a year's worth of battery life with the Tile Mate. In fact, the brand guarantees that you will get one year battery life once you activate your Tile. Along with that, if your Tile Mate battery does die, you will be able to replace it easily and without too much fuss.


The Connectivity of the Tile Mate is pretty awesome as well. You can connect to almost any device that supports Bluetooth. However, there are some restrictions.  The Tile Mate supports iOS 10.x or newer. If you are an iPhone user, then an iPhone 5S or newer is what is required. iPods can support the Tile Mate as well as long as it is an iPad that was released in 2012 or later. The iPad Mini 2nd generation and up can also be supported as well. Finally, the Apple watch will easily be able to support connectivity with your Tile Mate.

If you are an Android user, you can look forward to using a device that is equipped with Android 6.x (Marshmallow)  or later. As well as a device that supports Bluetooth 4.0 or later.

Price Point

If you are looking for a standard Bluetooth tracker, then the Tile Mate makes for the best Bluetooth tracker option. The Tile Mate offers standard qualities that you would look for in an exceptional Bluetooth tracker. Coupled with the brand's awesome dependability and user friendliness, you cannot go wrong with selecting it. The price point of the Tile Mate tracker is as low as $25.  This is a reasonable price point If you want the best Bluetooth tracker sans any additional bells and whistles.

Final Thoughts

When you equip yourself with the best Bluetooth tracker for your needs, you open up a whole new level of awesomeness to your travel game. From keeping track of your keys to the peace of mind in knowing where your children are, Bluetooth trackers are simply awesome. While the Bluetooth trackers we have mentioned above offer a range of features, we are certain you cannot go wrong with either one. Each of these trackers has continuously been rated as the best Bluetooth tracker on the market right now. Before you settle on a Bluetooth tracker that is mediocre, be sure to give the trackers listed above some time and consideration. After all, if it's important enough to you, then it is important enough to track it. Here's to happy traveling and tracking!

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