If you thought goat yoga sounded like a good time, there's a new superstar in the world of animal aerobics. Alpaca dance classes! A farm in the Manitoba province of Canada heard about goat yoga and decided to offer something similar with their family of Alpacas. Is this the beginnings of a new craze, ready to sweep the nation? We certainly hope so.

Manitoba's 313 Farms is holding these classes every weekend this summer and they look spectacular. These creatures hail from the South American highlands but have found a new niche as fuzzy dance instructors in Canada. And from the looks of things, they just might be the world's best dance partners.

The program features all kinds of dance lessons with alpacas. If you're looking to relax on the farm, try out the ‘Paca Pilates class. On the other hand, the Camelid Cardio and AlpacaFit courses are sure to raise your heart rate with some adorable moral support. And for kids, parent-child dance classes are offered to get kids outside and active in a fun environment.

Each class lasts for around 45 minutes alongside the farm's nine alpacas. During the sessions, the barnyard beasts intermingle with guests. This experience is like a petting zoo combined with a good workout. And while most petting zoo's come with a degree of cardio (due to hot pursuit by hungry animals), these alpacas are very well behaved. Some are known to come investigate guests during classes and patiently wait for hugs and nose pets. If that wasn't enough alpaca action, each class wraps up with a 15-minute meet-and-greet. Here, instructors encourage visitors to take pictures with their alpaca partners.

While 313 farms scheduled classes to run through August 19th, they may extend the season through fall due to high demand. Reservations start at $10 online (recommended because this experience is very popular) or $15 at the farm.

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