A snuggly, warm down jacket is a rare thing. But when that jacket can also take on a full day shredding powder, you know you’ve found quality.

The Spyder Prymo Down Jacket has been made to tackle even the coldest and wet conditions to keep you warm through just about anything. If you’re planning a last minute ski vacation or trying to figure out how to stay warm in February, the Spyder Prymo down jacket is a great fix. Or, if you’ve been on the search for a jacket that is good for both work and play, this is it. This down jacket is made with high-quality materials and plenty of features that boost its usefulness and versatility. So, if you’re on the search for winter clothes, go ahead and read this Spyder Prymo Down Jacket Review to see if this down jacket is the best fit for you. 

Spyder Women's Prymo Down Jacket Features & Benefits

Baffled, 550 Fill Power Down

Spyder Prymo Down Jacket - Baffled

Understanding down filling can be a tricky thing. The higher the fill power on a down jacket, the warmer it will be. For the Spyder Prymo Down Jacket, it has 550 Fill Power Down. That means one ounce of this down will fill up 550 cubic inches. So, the higher the number, the loftier, and therefore warmer, the jacket will be. 550 is a great upper middle-class down filling, so you will be kept plenty warm in this jacket, especially if you keep moving. This down jacket was made for movement, such as skiing, snowboarding, climbing, hiking, or just making your way around the city. The down will be kept in place by the horizontal baffles to keep all parts of you warm, all the time.

Rain Repelling Spylon DWR Exterior

Rain Repelling Spylon DWR Exterior

What help is a warm jacket if it doesn’t also keep you dry? So often cold and wet weather goes hand in hand. Thankfully, the Spyder Prymo Down Jacket is ready for both types of weather. The Spylon DWR Exterior repels rain and snow, keeping you outside longer. In addition, this new technology decreases dry time, so you get back to feeling 100% in no time. These days, we wouldn’t invest in a quality down jacket without having it also repel water. So, the combination of the 550 Fill Power Down with the rain repelling exterior shell is a stellar combination on the Spyder Prymo Down Jacket. So, if you’re ready to take on all the elements on your next trek, bring one of these along with you.

Nylon Lining with Cire Finish For Style and Comfort

Nylon Lining with Cire Finish

The Spyder Prymo Down Jacket is not only going to keep you warm and dry but stylish and cozy. The nylon lining is light to keep you from feeling weighed down, as so many winter jackets can do. The Cire Finish means the Spyder Prymo Down Jacket is treated with a heat, wax, and calendering process. This, in turn, makes the down jacket smooth and highly glazed in appearance. An exterior shine will keep this down jacket looking good for quite some time. In addition, it keeps you cozy. The added brushed microfiber inner collar keeps your face safe from the wind. The microfiber is so soft, you won’t even need a scarf on the extra cold days. This jacket practically has one built in. So, if you’re ready to seal in the heat and seal out the frigid air, the Spyder Prymo Down Jacket awaits.

Internal Elasticized Cuffs and Hem

Internal Elasticized Cuffs and Hem

Speaking of sealing out the cold and wind, you couldn’t do that without some elastic involved. So much heat is lost when there is access to the pockets of air that a jacket creates. So, to counteract this, the Spyder Prymo Down Jacket has internal elasticized cuffs and hems. The wrist cuffs will lightly squeeze around your wrists, keeping those arms safe from the cold. They’re also made to easily tuck ski gloves into for those long days on the mountain. In addition, the same elastic goes all the way around the bottom hem of the jacket. Keeping your core safe and secure will keep the rest of you pumped for a full day. So, you can see that the Spyder Prymo Down Jacket truly has many small details that all add up to a quality, innovative and warm down jacket.

Zippered Chest and Hand Pockets

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A well-made jacket should be able to alleviate the need for a purse or other bag being brought with you. The Spyder Prymo Down Jacket just does that. With two zippered hand pockets, you can tuck your keys, wallet, phone, and other essentials away safely. You won’t have to worry about them falling out as long as you remember to zip these warm pockets shut. In addition, there is also an interior zippered chest pocket. Whether you like to keep identification, a camera, or a snack in there, it will stay just as warm and safe as you in this great Spyder jacket. So, if you’re looking for a jacket with a little organization ability in it as well, this is a great option for you.

What Travelers Are Saying About the Spyder Women's Prymo Down Jacket

Overall, travelers and adventurers alike love the versatility and warmth of this Spyder Jacket. Whether you want it to cover up after yoga class or take skiing this weekend, the jacket will work great on both occasions. With the variety of color options as well, you can keep a little spunk in your fashion sense even in the dead of winter. Many people love that they can have one jacket to use for both work and play. This Spyder jacket fits true to size, but keep in mind what activities you will be doing with it. If you are planning on wearing bulky sweaters or extra layers underneath, you made need to size up. The fitted shape of the jacket is very stylish and flattering but may limit your space inside depending on your use.

As far as reviews of this jacket, it does get an overall 4 out of 5 stars. As this is a down jacket, there will always be a little molting of the feathers over time. So, you will see a few feathers pop out, but this jacket should still last you years. Lastly, this is the down jacket that is worn by and sponsors the US Ski Team. We’re not sure there’s a better group of cold weather powder heads to test out a down jacket, but if they endorse it, so do we! They travel and practice in a variety of weather conditions, and yet these jackets keep them warm day after day. So, if you’re ready to step up your game, the Women's Spyder Prymo Down Jacket will keep up.

Alternative Women’s Down Jackets

HAVEN OUTERWEAR Women's Mid-Length Packable Down Puffer Jacket


If you’re hoping for a bit more style and more coverage, check out this alternative to the Spyder jacket line. HAVEN OUTERWEAR has been creating well priced, fantastic outdoor wear for quite a few years. Their Packable Down Puffer Jacket is filled with 85% Down and 15% Waterfowl Feathers for optimum warmth. The baffles are diagonally designed to flatter your waist and curves, too. This keeps you away from looking like a fluffy marshmallow, which is always a good sign. On top of that, the silver-tone zippered pockets on the front give you a high fashion aura. It’s perfect for a blustery winter day, or even to be packed on a trip. There is an included bag to effortlessly pack this jacket up if you’re in a rush. All in all, you can’t beat the HAVEN OUTERWEAR Women's Mid-Length Packable Down Puffer Jacket for fashionable warmth at this price.

Marmot Aruna Women's Down Puffer Jacket with 600 Fill Power

Marmot Aruna Women's

For another stellar technical down jacket, check out the Marmot Aruna Women's Down Puffer Jacket with 600 Fill Power. It is an incredibly soft jacket while still providing you with a moisture resistant exterior. So, even if your 600 fill power down gets wet, the Down Defender technology will keep you warm. Additionally, your hands will stay cozy with the lined and zippered handwarmer pockets. Of course, anything you put in there will also be secure. Just like the Spyder Prymo Down Jacket, there are elastic bound cuffs and hems for maximum heat retention. On top of that, the attached hood will keep you warm from all angles. With the name of Marmot also standing behind this jacket, you can be sure that it will last through any wintery, cold conditions. So, think critically about this jacket as a solid alternative to the Spyder Prymo Down Jacket.

Columbia Women's Lay D Down Jacket

Columbia Women's Lay D Down Jacket

For all the bells and whistles on a down jacket, look to the Columbia Women's Lay D Down Jacket. With 550 fill power down insulation and Omni-heat thermal reflective fabric, you won’t find weather this jacket can’t handle. On top of that, however, you can also feel good about what you’re wearing. This jacket has been made with 100% responsibly sourced down. So, you won’t feel bad next time you see a goose losing its feathers. But, the Columbia Lay D Down Jacket also has a removable, adjustable storm hood to keep your warmth in. But, if you get toasty, go ahead and open up the underarm venting for a perfect amount of breeze.

If you’re truly in adventure mode, open up the snaps on the powder skirt for optimum flexibility. Lastly, there are waterproof zippered pockets, as well as a media and goggle pocket. This coat is truly made for the skier and snowboarder to shred the slopes all day long. If it's snowing out, snap of the faux fur hood liner to keep the powder off your face. Between all of these features and the comfort cuffs and thumb holes, there is nothing that Columbia hasn’t included in this phenomenal down jacket. So, if you’re ready for the top-shelf down jacket, you’ve found it in the Columbia Women's Lay D Down Jacket.

Overall, the Spyder Prymo Down Jacket is a fantastic mid-range down jacket for the fashionista, skier, snowboarder, hiker, or really any traveler.

There is no need to torture yourself with bad jackets and dysfunctional layers to try and stay warm this winter. With the incredibly down jackets on the market these days, there is one that will fit you and your style. The Spyder Prymo Down Jacket is a great first step into the down jacket world if you’re not sure about the puffiness and comfortability. With all the features included, it will keep you warm and looking sharp for years to come. So, don’t overthink it. This jacket was made to keep you warm and dry, and it will also keep you looking good. Let us know what you think when you get your brand new Spyder jacket in a few days.

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