Are you tired of having to pay for those movies when flying?

Not many people enjoy spending hours sitting in an uncomfortable seat with only 28 inches of leg room. It is quite unlikely that flying in a plane makes any traveler's top ten “favorite things about traveling” list. Of course, transportation is a necessary evil for getting to where you want to go. Since you will likely have to deal with flying in a plane at some point in your life, it is good to know how to make flying easier. Most airlines these days offer in-flight WiFi and television streaming, but for a cost. Since purchasing plane tickets and baggage already adds to your travel expenses, you might be hesitant to pull out your credit card again. Fortunately, there is good news to be had for frequent flyers of Southwest Airlines.

Sit back and enjoy the in-flight entertainment, at no additional cost to you.

If you fly with Southwest Airlines, you can look forward to free movies in the near future. The traveler favorite airline just gave you another reason to appreciate them. Southwest Airlines recently announced their plan to eliminate the $5 fee for an in-flight movie purchase. This gesture is purposed to help create a positive in-flight experience for Southwest passengers. The airline is joining Delta and American Airlines who have already begun providing free in-flight entertainment.

Don't be alarmed if you do not see any television screens aboard the plane. Southwest Airlines lets passengers stream their entertainment on their personal electronic devices. For those who are planning to fly with Southwest Airlines within the month, the movie selections include: “A Bad Mom's Christmas,” “12 Strong” and “Early Man.” Stream any of these films as you travel for the holidays this year.

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