If you've ever just wanted someone to do all that planning for you, Pack Up + Go has some good news.

Vacations are those short handful of days that most of us live for. The preparation, on the other hand, may leave you more stressed than before.

Pack Up + Go is an amazing combination of a personal travel agent and a surprise party. Starting at just $650, this site will send you to a mystery location in the U.S. and you don't have to lift a finger (mostly). All you have to do is visit their site and tell them what you want out of a vacation. Just fill out a short questionnaire which asks you about your interests, dining habits, and hobbies. Simple as that, are on your way to the next great American mystery vacation.

This month, blogger @lindseybadenhop and her husband, Cory, packed up + went to Boston for a spontaneous couples getaway! Head over to her blog to read about her Pack Up + Go experience and see tons of photos from her trip. (Spoiler alert: She takes really good pictures!) #couplesgetaway #boston #surprisetrip #leavethekidsathome #wanderlust #explore #spontaneous

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A few weeks before your vacation, the site mails you a little bit of information about your location. Usually, this entails means of transportation, luggage restrictions, and weather details. This is such an important detail. You certainly would not want to pack for Miami, only to read New York on the airport marquee. Around one week from your departure date, you receive a mysterious envelope. Like opening presents before the holidays, tearing open this letter is discouraged until you arrive for transportation.

Once you have already packed up and gone, check out where you are headed! Usually, the company sends their travelers to affordable but hip cities in the U.S. Included with your destination is lodging details, a list of great spots to visit while you are there, and the best places to dine. Because that is obviously the most important part.

This unique site offers a great opportunity to take off for a long week with friends or a chance to visit somewhere you might never think to go, otherwise! With a wide variety of accommodations for any interests (mystery road trip, anyone?), Pack Up + Go might just be the thing to save you from vacation burnout.

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