Your childhood dream is actually an adult reality.

If you visited Disney World as a kid, you likely fantasized what it would be like to live there. You don’t have to outgrow this dream just yet. It turns out that you can actually live in Disney World in a multi-million dollar mansion.

Golden Oak is a private luxury residential community located within Walt Disney World Resort. They currently have 16 houses for sale within this neighborhood, all priced between $2.1 and 5 million. These homes are exquisitely constructed and in the perfect location to enjoy the Happiest Place on Earth year round.

Explore the unique features of these Golden Oak mansions.

A bit of the Disney Magic surely went into the construction of these homes. Each of them is unique and architecturally breathtaking. These houses range between 3,900 and 7,000 square feet of pure perfection. That gives you more than enough space for all of your Disney Parks souvenirs.

Disney World - Golden Oak
Credit: Golden Oak

The elegant backyard pool set up, wine cellar, and sleek modernized features cover all the bases of your dream home wish list. Enjoy the palatial master bathroom, complete with a Jacuzzi tub. You can try and spot the subtle and chic Mickey Mouse décor located throughout the houses.

There are also a few perks to living within this residential community. Of course, if you pay for a Club Membership, you can enjoy private VIP tours of Disney parks, transportation, and special event tickets. The Club even gives homeowners Disney-inspired holiday decorations.

This neighborhood is the ultimate dream for Disney World fanatics. Would you spend over $2,000,000 on a home in Disney World? Of course with this price tag, you might be better off just purchasing a day pass every day instead.

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