The dream job really does exist. And it could be yours.

When it comes down to deciding between an office cubical or a high-class resort, there really is no comparison. Most of us head to the latter to forget about the woes of the working world, even just for a few days. It is not a thought in most people's minds that a luxury resort could actually be their next job. However, this is the case with a recent dream job offer from a top Mexican premier destination resort.

Work with Groupo Vidanta for the ultimate travel job.

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Groupo Vidanta is a grouping of top rated premier destination resorts throughout Mexico. They are currently on the search for a brand ambassador. If indulging in a high-end spa treatment and sipping a delicious margarita on the beach sounds like your brand than this could be the job for you. Groupo Vidanta is seeking an individual who qualifies as a “pro-vacationist.” That is, they want someone who is willing to travel among the company's various resort locations across Mexico.

With this position, you will work as a social media influencer and document various travel experiences. The role calls for an ability to generate and share content that is exciting and inspirational. Exciting excursions such as swimming with a whale shark and uncovering Mayan ruins are not out of the realm of possibilities here.

While an all expenses paid tour throughout some of the best Mexican resorts is nice enough, it gets even better. This one lucky individual also receives an annual salary of $120,000 to work as a top social media influencer for Groupo Vidanta.

Are you interested yet? If you already have the sunscreen and beach chair pulled out, then it is time to apply for the job. Applicants must be over 18 and be well equipped with utilizing social media in terms of marketing. Send your applications today to for a chance to work for Groupo Vidanta. Be sure to submit your resume through this portal by Sunday, October 21 at 11:50 pm CDT. You also have the option of including a 60 second video.

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