These days everyone seems to have a smartphone.

Smartphone technology is so deeply integrated into society these days, it seems like we can’t get away from it. There is always a text to be sent or a status to update. These phone driven lives can affect our travel experiences too, if we let it. Who really wants to see a new destination for the first time through a screen? Travel company Off the Grid is on a mission to change all that for Millennial travelers.

Warning: You’ll have to ditch your phone when you travel with Off the Grid.

Zach Beattie is determined to change the way Millennials travel. This 20-something entrepreneur left the tech industry far behind in pursuit of travel. Beattie strives to encourage people to live fully in the moment, especially when they are experiencing a new place. The technology addition is a real problem, especially among Millennials today. Off the Grid’s plan is for people to travel Smartphone free.

Off the Grid Travel

When you arrive at your destination, travelers turn in their Smartphones in exchange for a simple flip phone, used just for necessary calls. The company’s structure offers tours for as many as 24 to 30 people in a group. These tours include six iconic cities around the world, from Lima, Peru to Lisbon, Portugal. Of course Off the Grid coordinates everything for travelers. This includes lodging, transportation, and extracurricular activities throughout the trip, so there is no need to look anything up on your phone.

Think you can handle living without your phone for 10 days? If you feel you have what it takes, you can apply online for a trip to any of Off the Grid’s six travel destinations. Take a chance and experience the world without the distraction of technology. You might be surprised what you see.

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