Minimize your screen time to maximize your travel experience.

Popular social media channels like Instagram have revolutionized the travel experience in today’s culture. More and more people religiously document their journeys for their followers. There is a definite benefit to the broader connections and memory capturing aspects of social media. But all too often the screen gets in the way of life. Putting your phone away is a healthy personal choice you can make in everyday life, as well as when you travel.

It turns out that there are more benefits to leaving your phone alone when traveling than you would think. Wyndham recognizes the prominent issue that smartphones create within familial relationships and is ready to make a difference.

Hotel - family

This hotel is offering the ultimate incentive to ditch your mobile device.

When traveling with your family, likely the last thing you want is for your kids to feel like you are not there. The best way to create lasting memories is to embrace the moment, free of distractions. If you need a little help with this, Wyndham Hotel is here for you.

High-class hotel chain Wyndham Hotels has created a positive incentive for families on vacation. Donned the “reconnected” program, Wyndham aspires to encourage parents to lock up their phones in order to spend quality time with their kids.

Opt for the “reconnected” option when booking your room to receive five percent off of your fee. The catch? You will receive a lock box to put your phone in at select times. The timer on the box keeps it shut tight until your time is up. This gives you ample opportunity to fully engage with your family on your trip.

This promotion is available from February 23 through September 3, so you have time to take advantage of the savings. Select Wyndham locations featuring the “reconnected” program include Orlando Bonnet Creek, Chicago Riverfront, Wyndham Grand Clearwater Beach, Hotel Galvez, and The Mills House.

Book your room at Wyndham Hotels now to start saving. With this deal, you’ll gain so much more than money, quality time with the family is priceless.

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