This latest travel trend takes your vacation photo game to an entirely next level.

Have you ever asked a stranger to snap a photo of you while on vacation and been sorely disappointed at the result? Something about strangers taking pictures of us makes blinking eyes and blurry faces that much more likely. Well it seems that some people have had enough of this game of photography chance. How would you like to take a professional photographer with you on vacation?

Check out the perks of this luxury travel experience.

travel trend

Credit: Christian Oth Studio

It appears that even the iPhone 10 quality camera of our smartphones doesn’t really compare to having a live person following you around. The latest travel endeavor by Christian Oth and Black Tomato makes the perfect vacation photo possible. Their Jetsetters service offers a luxury travel experience, including your very own professional photographer.

Geared primarily towards couples, the Jetsetters service includes a world class wedding photographer. The shooter’s job is to authentically capture the moment. This means that they are subtly in the background document your vacation experience as it unfolds. It that isn’t enough, Jetsetters also includes a team of fashion stylists, hair and makeup artists, and a producer. You will be living in luxury this entire time, rather. Jetsetters’ itinerary includes private transportation and elegant meals. Honeymooning couples might find this vacation package particularly enticing.

While at first thought, this might seem a little over the top (it really is), this latest travel trend ensures flawless photos every time. I mean, you paid good money on your vacation, so might as well have quality photos to remember it by? Right? Ask yourself, if you had the option and ability, would you ever take your own professional photographer on vacation with you?

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