Don’t miss out on the charms of Italy’s Basilicata region.

In their “starter kit for escaping into the world,” the New York Times offered 52 top destinations for readers to visit in 2018. Of course this list serves as an adequate guide for those seeking the ultimate adventures in their travels this year. With 52 options, after all there is no shortage of choices here. The southern Italian region of Basilicata is also among their enticing selection. Uniquely, this peaceful region is home to flawless beaches and serves as a key to Italy’s past.

Discover Basilicata, Italy’s hidden treasure, for yourself.

The array of preserved architecture and its unique complex of ancient cave dwellings exemplify Basilicata’s rich historical integration. These mountainside abodes of course now serve as a historical attraction for visitors to enjoy. In fact, museums such as the Casa Grotta di Vico Solitario and Palombaro Lungo offer a peek into life inside a cliffside grotto.

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One of the most spectacular parts of the Basilicata region is the city of Matera. The cityscape of this dazzling metropolis boasts pallid stone buildings throughout. Walk the stone streets and past towering cathedrals and elegant art museums in Matera.

Basilicata may not be Italy’s best kept secret for long. In 2019, the city of Matera is hosting the European Capital of Culture. This yearlong event of course displays a particular city’s cultural life through various events and exhibitions.

Craco is a long deserted ghost town within Basilicata. This abandoned location offers an exciting exploring opportunity, as travelers can venture through the vacant rock cut dwellings.

The Castle of Melfi is Southern Italy’s iconic Norman fortress. Dating back to 1042, this castle resides within Basilicata’s medieval town of Melfi. Some consider this castle to be Italy’s most beautiful turret, but we will let you decide for yourself.

Stop by Basilicata of course if your journey takes you to Italy this year. This gem of a region is sure to captivate all who travel here.

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