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trekbible is a travel website with one goal: to celebrate the world through travel. Doing this, of course, requires a ton of knowledge, which is what we’re committed to bringing our readers. With everything from destination guides, to tips for better travel, to trip ideas, to reviews on hotels, travel accessories, and more, we aim to bring you information that will inspire you to venture to new places, prepare you for new surroundings, and deepen your understanding of the destinations you’ll explore.


A large portion of our readers are on the younger side, ranging between the ages of 18-44, and are split nearly 50/50 between men and women. They are mainly in the United States, but we reach people in many other countries, some of which include Canada, India, Australia, Kenya, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and more. trekbible readers range from outdoor fanatics to lovers of unique accommodation, to passionate foodies looking to discover the next delicious, unfamiliar dish.


If you are an individual travel blogger, an experienced freelance writer, or even an Instagram travel influencer, you are more than welcome to submit a pitch to trekbible. If you don’t think you belong to any of the above categories, feel free to reach out to us explaining why you’d like to contribute. We may be able to work something out depending on the situation!


*Before submitting a pitch to us, make sure you’ve checked our site to confirm that we haven’t already covered it already. For the best shot at getting your pitch accepted, always ensure that it’s in line with the type of content we cover and relevant to our audience.


These are in-depth guides to different destinations, and should be regarding specific cities, islands, etc. rather than countries as a whole. A good example would be our guide to Málaga, Spain as opposed to a guide to Spain itself. These posts should be at least 1000 words and should include helpful information such as:

  • Weather/climate
  • Best times to travel
  • Important cultural insights to know beforehand (if any)
  • How to get there
  • How to get around
  • Where to stay​​​​​​​
  • Where to eat
  • A few favorite things to do and see


These are articles focusing on reviewing an individual restaurant. These can be from personal experience (with helpful information, of course), or from a combination of good reviews and word of mouth. Restaurants chosen must either: 

  • Have something unique about them that sets them apart, whether it be their food, service, or location, or
  • Be extremely popular or up-and-coming, with an overwhelming majority of positive reviews


These are roundup list posts that can also be about almost anything travel-related so long as they are not products, usually in the format of “Top # __________” or “Best # __________,.” Listicles can be used for restaurants, things to do, attractions to see, places to visit, etc, and are usually found under our Travel Inspiration category. Here are some examples:


These are roundup list posts that can also be about almost anything travel-related so long as they are not products, usually in the format of “Top # __________” or “Best # __________,.” Listicles can be used for restaurants, things to do, attractions to see, places to visit, etc, and are usually found under our Travel Inspiration category. Here are some examples:



If you’re writing to promote a company or brand, this would fall under the advertising category instead of guest editorial content. Therefore, if you’re writing seems to be overly promotional, we’ll point you to our paid opportunities or encourage you to edit your piece. If this is what you're interested in, please reach out to us at

This rule also applies if you’ve received compensation in any form (money, product, services, etc.) of the business or brand you’re featuring in your article, which we require you to inform us about if this is the case.

*Keep in mind that we reserve the right to choose not to publish your content if we cannot agree on this.


We like to keep things pretty wholesome at trekbible, only publishing content that’s appropriate for travelers of all ages. That being said, we don’t accept adult content, which includes anything from articles endorsing things like gambling, heavy drinking, sexual content, etc.

Note: articles featuring lists of cool and unique bars are acceptable so long as their focus is on the bar(s)’s skilled craftsmanship or interesting beverages as opposed to a focus on the activity of drinking itself.


Don’t get us wrong: we’re not at all against personal narratives–in fact, we love them! We simply don’t accept strictly personal narratives because they aren’t in line with our goal (to impart knowledge to our readers that will help them on their journeys). That being said, we highly encourage you to write in your unique writing voice and to show some personality, and you can even include your personal experiences as a part of your articles! Just make sure that the meat of your article is informational and inspiring so that our readers will be better off on their travels than they would have before reading it. 


We are only accepting completely original articles that have never been published anywhere else. Make sure to keep that in mind or you won’t have much success reaching out!


  • Word Count: 800-2,000 words (depending on the nature of the article)
  • Photos:​​​​
  • Include one featured image and one image for every paragraph or list item.
  • All images should be in landscape format, at least 900 px wide, and high resolution. 
  • It’s highly encouraged that you use original photos, but we accept royalty-free photos and photos that require attribution. 
  • If the photos require attribution, make sure to send the appropriate attribution for each image in your submission email.
  • Headings: Make use of headings and subheadings in your article to clearly separate and categorize each section.
  • Style: The only styles we don’t accept are dry, informational tone of voice and crass language. Write with some personality, and you’ll be golden.
  • Information: All information provided in your article should be triple checked for accuracy; we do not want to provide misinformation!


Send your pitch to with two to three topic ideas, the approximate word count for each one, and two examples of your previously published work. Whether we accept your pitch or not, we will get back to you so that you don’t have to wait anxiously (at least not forever, anyway!).


When your article is ready for submission, send it as a Word Document to, along the images to use with the article and your author bio.

Once we’ve approved the piece and are ready to schedule it to be published, we’ll send you an invitation to become a contributor to trekbible, so that we can properly credit you as the author. We use Gravatar to display author photos and bios, so we’ll need to invite you using your email address associated with your Gravatar profile. If you don’t have one, make sure to sign up for one and to add your photo there.

*Make sure you have done a thorough edit of your piece before submitting it as we will not publish articles that are full of errors.