These 15 Cities in Spain Hold Rich Culture, Art, and Beauty that is Waiting to be Discovered

When you think of Spain, you probably think of bright colors, culinary expertise, and a patchwork of impressive architecture. No two Spanish cities look alike because of each city's unique history. Therefore, Spain offers some extraordinary places for travelers to visit. Each city showcases wonderful culture, art, and design that is both beautiful and captivating. Once you see photos and hear about these cities, you will be booking your trip to Spain right away. Here are 15 the most beautiful cities in Spain that will dazzle your eyes.

1. Malaga

cities in spain - Malaga

Credit: Oribat

Malaga is a coastal destination located on the Costa del Sol. Once the home of Pablo Picasso, Malaga offers museums, a laid-back vibe, and the best combination of beach and city feels. In the morning, swing by the Picasso Museum to see a collection of his work. In the afternoon, journey to the beach and dip your toes into the water, or hike up the Rio Chillar. With its location on the Mediterranean Sea, Malaga features some of the best seafood in Spain. In addition, visitors can spend time exploring the Roman Theatre, Malaga's botanic garden, and the Cathedral de Malaga.

2. Bilbao

Culture and art flow generously out of this Spanish city. Architecturally, Bilbao is among the most modern cities in Spain. Stepping into Bilbao will feel different than other Spanish cities because of this. However, it does not lack any beauty or history. One world-famous landmark that visitors must check out is the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. The modern and contemporary art found inside the museum is a treasure to see. We also love Bilbao because the city is small enough for travelers to walk to many of the museums and restaurant. Though small in comparison to other Spanish cities, Bilbao is interestingly Spain's biggest port city. Both families and solo travelers will enjoy their time at this beautiful spot in Spain.

3. Granada

Granada's scenic landscape lures in visitors from all over the world. This charming and beautiful city has a plethora of things to do and see. The architecture alone with cause visitors to be in awe. One sight that travelers must see when in Granada is Alhambra. The palace contains rich history, beauty, and gorgeous gardens. We recommend strolling by at sunset to see the palace glowing in a reddish hue. Visitors can learn all about the historical significance on Alhambra on a guided or self-guided tour. While in Granada, the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains are also worth visiting. Travelers can choose to hike up the mountains or ski down them, depending on the time of year you go.

4. Cordoba

Photographers, pull out your cameras. Traveling to Cordoba will require you to have your camera battery charged up and ready to go. While walking through the city streets, you will find colorful and artistic patios that will cause all of your photo-senses to tingle. The city is in full bloom in May during the Concurso de Patio. Concurso de Patio is a can't-miss festival for those who adore plants and flowers. There is no doubt that Cordoba is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Walk or bike down the Roman Bridge. Visit the Great Mosque, which is an architectural masterpiece. Or, escape into the Botanical Garden of Cordoba to observe the lovely vegetation.

5. Burgos

cities in spain - Burgos

Credit: Anselmo Sousa

Burgos is known as the “Land of Castles.” It is a Spanish city rooted in medieval history. Visitors will love learning about the history of this charming city. Many churches are sprinkled throughout Burgos, including the well-known Cathedral of St. Mary. As travelers journey into the old city, they will pass through the Gate of Santa Maria. The location of this arch is a great spot to capture some photos before walking into the old city. Another spot we love in Burgos is the Paseo del Espolon. The Paseo del Espolon is a lovely promenade where travelers can meet locals or retreat for some quiet time in the gardens.

6. Logroño

The city of Logroño is located in northern Spain and is one of Spain's oldest cities. Dating back to the Middle Ages, the architecture found in the city of Logroño is impressive. There are cathedrals to explore, wine tours and tastings to enjoy, and scrumptious restaurants and cafes to dine in. Logroño is the trade center for wine in the region, so visitors are known to delight in the famous Spanish wines that the city has to offer. This medieval town is a splendid place to visit when bouncing from one Spanish city to the next.

7. Salamanca

As far as cities in Spain that you must-visit, make sure that Salamanca is on your list. The atmosphere is filled with history and culture. The UNESCO World Heritage City of Salamanca has gorgeous cathedrals and ancient universities. The University of Salamanca was founded in 1134 and is the oldest university in all of Spain. Travelers are allowed to enter parts of the institution and admire the old and detailed architecture. Visiting Salamanca will be like stepping back in time. We cannot recommend Salamanca enough for the history lovers out there. It is really one of the best places to visit in Spain.

8. Seville

From cobbled streets to the breathtaking views, Seville is among the most gorgeous (and romantic) cities in Spain. There is plenty of greenery around the city for those who enjoy getting lost in gardens and parks. For instance, Parque de Maria Luisa is a favorite spot for travelers to visit in Seville. Here you can catch shade under an orange tree or read a book on a park bench. Alcázar Palace is another popular tourist destination to see when in Seville. The royal palace has a unique and artistic style as well as beautiful gardens to wander through. Filled with fascinating history, Seville is a charming and fun city to visit when in southern Spain.

9. Girona

Situated along the River Onyar, Girona offers exquisite color, fascinating museums, and Gothic churches. The buildings along the river come in bright colors and simple designs. It is a marvelous sight to behold in person. Another must-see while in the medieval city is the Girona Cathedral. Those able to climb up the 89 steps to reach the top will see a view unlike any other. Those wanting to climb even higher up can fly over the city in a hot air balloon! This bird's eye view will allow for visitors to see the entire city and its surroundings from a different perspective.

10. Pamplona

Pamplona has museums with impressive art collections, churches with characters, and lush green parks. The city is known for its famous Running of the Bulls event in which Pamplona has daily bull runs for one week of the year. Locals and tourists gather during this week of mayhem and try their best not to get trampled by the fighting bulls. However, apart from that event, the city is a quaint and calm Spanish town.

11. Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez de la Frontera

Credit: Light+Shade

Many travelers come to the city of Jerez de la Frontera for the sherry. Sherry is one of the oldest wines in the world and is widely famous for that reason. In this Spanish city, visitors of age are invited to taste not only the sherries, but the other culinary delights found in Jerez de la Frontera. The main tourist attraction in the city is the Alcazar. Alcazar is a Moorish fortress that was built in 1255. The complex has a mosque, beautiful gardens, and Arab baths. There are also many museums to pop into during your stay at this lovely Spanish city.

12. Valencia

Valencia is a popular destination for vacationers who want to lounge by the Mediterranean Sea. The architecture within Valencia is quite different from other cities in Spain, as it has gone through a process of modernization over the years. There are mixed opinions about the development of Valencia, but nevertheless, the city continues to attract travelers from all over the world. As Spain's third largest city, Valencia has a tasty food scene, a lively nightlife, and a rich art and culture scene. There are boutique shops to pop into as well as miles of beach to stroll down. The walkability of Valencia is convenient for travelers visiting this Spanish city. In addition, the numerous cafes for travelers to sit in and enjoy are always convenient as well.

13. Santillana del Mar

Santillana del Mar

Credit: Ramon Bacas

Located in the Cantabria region of northern Spain is the city of Santillana del Mar. The site is seated amidst rolling hills that make the cobblestone streets all the more fun to walk upon. The landscape peeking between buildings is a delight. History lovers, in addition to lovers of charm and quaint towns, will find Santillana del Mar to be one of their favorite cities in Spain. Given that the city is so small, visitors must navigate through Santillana del Mar by foot. The slow pace in which visitors walk through the area allows them to take in every ounce of beauty spilling out of the architecture and landscape.

14. Madrid

Madrid is home to over 3 million people, making is a busy and bustling Spanish city with plenty to see and explore. Visitors can spend weeks meandering through the city and still not get around to all that there is to do in Madrid. A plethora of shops, restaurants, and bars line the city streets. We recommend walking along the Gran Vía where you can find many of these shops, restaurants, and bars.

There are also wonderful museums and galleries to see in the area known as Madrid's Art Triangle. Art lovers, this will be a dream for you. And you ski lovers, don't write off Madrid just yet. In the winter, Madrid is surrounded by snow-covered mountains. As for the spring, almond trees bloom at La Quinta de Los Molinos. The park is an unknown spot even to many locals, which makes it a wonderfully peaceful and quiet spot to visit while in Madrid.

15. Barcelona

cities in spain - Barcelona

Credit: Ferdi de Gier

A compilation of the most beautiful cities in Spain is incomplete without the most well-known and beautiful city of Barcelona. The diverse architectural styles are captivating and the cuisine served in the city is mouthwatering. You can't beat the food in Barcelona and you can't beat the relaxed pace of life here. Every corner of this Spanish city has something new and exciting to explore.

Which of these cities in Spain did you find most beautiful? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!

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