In the Mood to Be Impressed? Check Out These 7 Neat Features Found on Smart Luggage

Beware, you may be running to the store or quickly pulling up after you hear about these 7 incredible features commonly found on smart suitcases. If you have never heard of smart luggage before, it is essentially luggage designed to makes traveling as efficient, easy, and smart as possible. These impressive suitcases are technologically advanced in ways that will shock you. Now, some aspects of smart luggage pieces seem unnecessary. And maybe some are—that will be up to you to decide. However, there are a number of features that are very practical and frequently come in handy. This includes things like USB charging ports, a GPS tracking system when your smart suitcase gets lost or stolen, and so much more.

As we breakdown the common features of smart suitcases, remember that ever suitcase is different. Some will be built with all of these features, whereas others will only have a few. We recommend checking off which features are must-haves for you, then searching through our countless reviews of smart luggage pieces to find the perfect smart suitcase for you.

Why You Need a Smart Suitcase

1. USB Charging Ports

smart suitcase - USB Charging Ports

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If you find a smart suitcase, there is a 99% chance that one feature it offers is a USB charging station. The great majority of smart luggage pieces have at least one (some have several) USB charging ports. This feature is practical and comes as a relief to those who have ever been stuck on 5% battery life and needed to recharge their devices quickly. When traveling, it is vital to have your phone charged up. Nowadays with the GPS, Uber app, and several others necessary phone applications, having a usable smartphone is necessary when on the road.

Most of these USB charging ports on smart suitcases can charge electronic devices multiple time before the built-in charger needs to be recharged. These ports are typically located on the exterior of the smart suitcase, but several luggage pieces have USB ports inside the bag. Hands down, one of the most impressive and beneficial features of a smart luggage piece is the USB charging station. No more wasting time and effort looking for outlets to charge your devices. Wherever your bag is, you are guaranteed a place to recharge your electronics.

2. App-Controlled GPS Tracking System

smart suitcase - App-Controlled GPS

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Another common feature on smart suitcases is a GPS tracking system. These luggage trackers are linked to a mobile app that allows travelers to know the whereabouts of their bag at all times. So, when you accidentally misplace your suitcase, you can easily retrieve it. On the slight possibility of your suitcase getting stolen, you can also quickly locate its whereabouts. Plus, if you arrive at your final destination to discover that your luggage didn't make it and got lost in the process, you will now be able to pull up your mobile app and see where it is around the world. There are many perks to having an app-controlled GPS tracking system on your smart suitcase. This is another very common feature found on smart luggage products.

3. Bluetooth Auto-Locking and Unlocking

smart suitcase - Bluetooth Auto-Locking

Credit: Amazon

When it comes to locking systems on smart suitcases, many offer remote locking features. These locks function with a mobile app, so locking and unlocking your bag can be done with ease. Some smart suitcases, such as the Bluesmart Black Edition, offer an auto-locking feature as well. When your bag leaves your phone's Bluetooth range, the suitcase will automatically lock itself to keep your belongings secure. In addition, locks are TSA-approved. Therefore, the only individuals that can get into your bag are the folks at TSA with their master key. If you care about keeping your suitcase protected, this locking feature comes as a blessing. Now, whenever you have that awful feeling in the pit of your stomach of whether or not you remembered to lock your suitcase, you can simply open the mobile app and check. For those who travel with valuables or important documents in their luggage, having a great locking system will guarantee the security of those belongings.

4. Built-In Digital Scale

smart suitcase - Built-In Digital Scale

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Working with a mobile app, many smart luggage pieces also have a built-in digital scale. These built-in scales are helpful during times when travelers wonder how much their pack weighs. Many travelers are aware that airlines charge an extra fee for overweight checked luggage pieces. However, did you know that carry-on bags typically have a weight limit as well? This differs depending on the airline, so it is always a good idea to check with your airline before a trip to see what their size and weight restrictions are. With this built-in scale, travelers can ensure that their checked or carry-on smart suitcase falls within the weight limit. To avoid paying overweight fees, many travelers have found the built-in digital scales on smart luggage pieces to be very useful.

5. Drop-Down Tray & Cup Holders

smart suitcase - Drop-Down Tray

Credit: Amazon

A built-in tray on your suitcase? Genius. Built-in cup holders too? Even better. When you are traveling through the airport with your phone in one have and the bag of food that you just purchased, several books, a cup of coffee, and a water bottle in the other hand, you will need a place to lay everything down. Tables can be hard to come by and the floor isn't the ideal place to rest your belongings. On travel days when you are juggling many things in your hands, trying not to spill your steaming hot coffee, a drop-down tray would come in handy wouldn't it? Plus, drop-down trays are also beneficial to use when typing on your laptop. Anywhere you go with your smart suitcase, you can know have a portable table.

Although not all smart suitcases have built-in trays, and even fewer have a built-in cup holder, there are companies that provide these features on their smart luggage pieces. If you want a smart suitcase that offers both of these features, then we recommend checking out Barracuda smart luggage.

6. Compression Technology

smart suitcase - Compression Technology

Credit: Away

Are you an overpacker? Don't be afraid to admit it. Over here at Trekbible, we have a teeny tiny problem with overpacking as well. However, thanks to the compression systems on many smart suitcases, we can now pack more than we need and be okay with it. Since all of our belongings will be squished down to size, we can overpack and not feel one ounce of guilt about it. If you are an overpacker like us, then the compression technology of smart luggage will come as a relief to you too. When looking at which smart suitcase to invest in, all travelers prone to overpacking should have compression technology high on their priority list.

7. RFID-Blocking Interior Pockets

smart suitcase - RFID-Blocking Interior Pockets

Credit: Amazon

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Blocking technology is on the rise. From passport sleeves to wallets to internal suitcase pockets, RFID-blocking products are springing up now more than ever. For those who have never heard of this technology before, allow us to give you a belief summary of what RFID-blocking technology is. In essence, it protects against electronic pickpocketing, which is also known as RFID skimming. To keep your personal information, well, personal, it is a great ideal to invest in RFID-blocking protects. It is recommended to have at least a passport cover and wallet that have RFID-blocking technology so your information stays classified. Identity theft is the last thing you want to deal with while traveling (and the last thing you want to deal with in life in general).

There are a few smart suitcases that even have RFID-blocking technology for their internal pockets. To keep your internal belongings secure and protected, consider purchasing a smart suitcase that has this feature. If you carry around classified documents and information while traveling, then this impressive feature on smart suitcases may be a necessity for you.

Smart Luggage is Super Smart

Do you agree? After reading these 7 impressive features, we are sure that at least one has sparked your interested. Every traveler has different needs when on the road. For some travelers, they are just looking for a suitcase that can transport their belongings from point A to point B (the old fashioned way). However, other travelers are looking for more. They want a charging station to charge their electronic devices. They want a GPS-tracking system to located their bag's whereabouts. And don't forget the TSA-approved auto-locks to prevent any unwelcomed hands from rummaging through their suitcase. Plus, the built-in scale, so travelers can avoid overweight luggage fees. If this is you, then consider investing in a smart suitcase this year! Do you need help finding the best one for you? Check out our related article for your guide to finding the perfect smart suitcase for you!

Like we said, all travelers have different needs and therefore different priorities when looking to purchase a new suitcase. What are your thoughts on smart luggage pieces? Are they too over the top for you or are you a big fan of these products? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! We would love to hear from you.

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