Next year be sure to visit this spectacular country.

This week popular travel book publisher, Lonely Planet, released their top travel destinations for 2018. Out of the numerous potential spots, one South American wonder stood apart from the rest. The nation of Chile has earned the number one spot for 2018 travel must-sees.

Chile is an unusually long and narrow country; it lines the continent’s west coast at only 125km wide. Here you will discover some of nature’s most preserved wonders. The array of landscapes found here are spectacular features of a thriving land. Explore the variety of volcanoes, colossal glaciers, forests, dunes, and exotic beaches. With its vibrant scenery, Chile is indeed the color palette of Central America.

Here are some of the things that make Chile so amazing.

There is no shortage of outdoor escapes here in this country. One such spot is Torres del Paine National Park, found in the Patagonia region of Chile. Its eclectic terrain offers towering mountain peaks, rolling grasslands, and brilliant glaciers. This national park will give you a taste of the variety that is Chile.

Chile Atacama Desert

Chile’s Atacama Desert is the world’s driest non-polar desert. Its burnt orange terrain stretches for nearly 1,000km along the Pacific coast.

For a bucket list experience, visit the famous El Tatio. It is one of the highest elevated geyser fields on the planet. The name El Tatio comes from the Quechua term for oven, and it certainly lives up to this. These hot springs and geysers make for the best natural spa setting.

If you want an enchanting travel experience, travel to General Carrera Lake. This sapphire body of water resides within the heart of Patagonia. Sail across the translucent waters, glistening with shades of blue, and marvel at the beauty before you.

Just these few suggestions are enough to make you want to book your next trip soon. Travel to Chile and enjoy the top travel destination of 2018.

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