Looking for a cheap way to see the U.S. this fall?

This time of year is the perfect opportunity to start thinking about your latest travel plans. While the holidays are soon approaching and it is nearly time to plan those holiday flights back home, now is also a great time to think about traveling just for fun. As a large number of people travel during the fall and winter months, it is not difficult to locate travel sales and promotions. If you are thinking about taking a domestic trip in the near future, be sure to check out this latest sale from Frontier Airlines.

Don't miss your chance for a $20 domestic flight through Frontier Airlines.

Frontier Airlines is a popular budget airline with flights primarily throughout the United States. If their regular fares are not low enough, their current promotion is sure to wow you. Their fall airfare sale offers domestic flights to many major U.S. cities, with flight prices dropping as low as $20.

Fly from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Denver, Colorado for just $20 one-way. Other cities offering such low prices include Jacksonville, Tampa, Sacramento, Austin, and New Orleans. $20 one-way flights mean that you can snag an entire round-trip for only $40.

There are also numerous flights for $24 and $29 one-way. These major cities are San Antonio, Raleigh, Buffalo, Denver, and Atlanta. Be sure to check out Frontier's website sale page to look up flights from your home airport.

This promotion applies to travel dates between October 23 and December 18 this year. Keep in mind that November 16 to 26 is blacked out. Travelers can book these fares from now through October 17, so act fast to ensure you snag this deal. It is not every day you come across domestic flights for $20.

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